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Reiki for Burns

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Reiki is excellent for burns because it works and it works from a distance beautifully.  Extra beautiful because with burns, you can’t touch.  This is where touch healing is NOT beneficial, but Reiki doesn’t have to touch to be effective.

When my kids were young they were working a bake sale with their friends.  One of the friends moms was making popcorn in the kitchen when she badly burned her hand.  As it was bubbling up and looking very scary (medical terms) I offered her Reiki while another mom offered to call an ambulance or take her to the ER.  She insisted she was fine and was going to finish the popcorn for her kids.  I perceived she was in great pain but always put her kids first and didn’t want to worry anyone.  That was normal for her.

Myself and the other moms were quite concerned as it didn’t look like a simple burn at all, was blistering, quite red and other colors and was widespread through most of the back of her hand.

The burn was worse than this but I couldn’t bear to put any pictures worse than this one.  Like I said, not good with first aid and medical stuff.

I offered to do Reiki and said I could do it while she finished the popcorn and she didn’t even have to stand still.  She agreed.  She even stood still and allowed me to be close to her while working and at one point, for a few minutes, she stopped moving completely and allowed the energy to work. Within ten minutes of Reiki her burn was completely calmed down and none of us were alarmed any longer.  It looked like a completely different burn, one that looked very innocuous.  She said while I was working on it, it felt like bags of ice were on her hand.  She said it was very cold and there was no pain.  She said there continued to be no pain and she could touch it.  She didn’t go for help and it healed.

Now, obviously, I’m not a medical person and I’m not even good in medical emergencies, other than doing Reiki and staying calm.  But, I have good intuition and I trust it.  I felt and the other mothers felt it was a much more severe burn than it turned out to be in the end, with ten minutes of Reiki.

In case you aren’t convinced, here is another burn experience from “Light on the Origins of Reiki” by Tadao Yamaguchi

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Burn Story from “Light on the Origins of Reiki” by Tadao Yamaguchi a handbook for practicing the original Reiki of Tsui and Hayashi.

As Reiki spread beyond Japan, only it’s ‘relaxation’ aspect has been emphasized.  this may have happened for legal reasons but in a way  I think it is a quite natural development and there is nothing wrong in it.  Reiki has enormous possibilities and brings us supreme comfort both physically and psychologically.

Reiki was originally created mainly to treat physical illnesses.  In Japan today you cannot claim that Reiki is a medical treatment unless you are a qualified doctor or certified acupuncturist.  Still, we can’t deny the effectiveness of Reiki.  My mother Chinook Yamaguchi practiced Reiki over 65 years and she proved that.

Chiyoko’s Burn Story:

“Reiki works really well with burns.  I have witnessed a lot of burns cured without leaving scars when treated with Reiki.  I remember clearly a boy living in my neighborhood.  This three-year old had burned his hand while he was alone at home.  Playing by the fire he had accidentally burnt himself and the resulting injury was really nasty.  Three days had already passed when he was brought to us.  The burn had started to fester and his hand had turned bright yellow.  Doctors in those days would have simply disinfected the wound and wrapped the hand with bandages.  If the boy had been given this conventional treatment his fingers would have become stuck together and dysfunctional.  His parents were not fully convinced about Reiki in the beginning but they were desperate.

Anyway I started to work on him with my sister and aunt.  To our surprise he fell asleep within 20 or 30 minutes even though his mother had said that he had not slept at all became of the pain.  It reassured the parents and they decided to allow the treatment to continue.

We gave the boy Reiki for more than an hour everyday and by the third day the weeping of the wound had eased.  Several days later the surface of burnt skin peeled off and fresh skin and fingernails were beginning to regenerate underneath.  It was truly motivating for us.  I deeply appreciated having the opportunity to deal with such a case.  His fingers began to function properly and his parents were really delighted.”

Around the same time there was another boy in her neighborhood who suffered burns which were less serious but which received conventional medical treatment from a doctor.  HIs fingers became stuck to the palm of his hand and he ended up having an operation to amputate his fingertips.  When you consider medical science in those days, Reiki was unquestionably more effective than the conventional medicine available.

Hayes Sensei used to say that with Reiki, problems are cured from deep inside, and my mother was convinced of this once she had dealt with such burns.  This one healed not only on the surface but also from deep inside with the flesh regenerating.  My mother Chiyoko had numerous experiences treating such cases.

Chiyoko’s burn story #2

“One of my sons got a burn when he spilled rice porridge on his thigh.  I gave Reiki only to the main burnt area and it healed.  However I overlooked other smaller burns and these spots still have scars”

I also remember my mother giving Reiki to a young girl in my neighborhood who had been scalded by boiling water leaving terrible burns all over her shoulder.  She healed without any scars.  Chiyoko has many stories similar to these.  She could talk endlessly about her experiences.


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