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A DIVINE Reiki Beginning, Class

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

This past seven months have been quite a healing journey for me and Reiki was with me the whole way.  My husband and 16-year-old son died in a car crash on July 20, 2017.  My younger son, Sawyer and I were in the hospital for almost two weeks for him and me for 32 days.  My Reiki friends were with me giving me Reiki every day in the hospital as well as employees of the hospital who came around to patients offering massage and Reiki.


In the hospital I couldn’t see my future through the grief and the trauma.  Being very intuitive, I usually ‘see’ or ‘know’ what step is next, what’s coming and what I need to do to prepare for my path.  (Reminder-Psychics don’t know everything, just what their guides show them and what they are supposed to know to help their purpose.)  But, by the crash, my path was wiped clean.  The only thing I SAW, the only thing I KNEW, the only thing I FELT strongly, was that I would teach Reiki again and as soon as I was able.


I told my friend and fellow Reiki Master/Teacher Ellen Hammer, in the hospital, that I would start teaching Reiki in January.

Teaching Reiki is what I love to do.  I’ll do it no matter the challenges.

Most people thought I was delusional.  I had extensive injuries to my organs, bones and brain.  They didn’t know if I’d be able to talk or have cognitive thought because of my brain injuries; until three days after the crash I woke up and started talking.  Then after surgery on my collapsed lung I had a stroke and couldn’t speak, again, it had effected my speech center.  But, my speech came back and with weekly speech and cognitive therapy it’s gotten better and better.  Only those closest to me can tell the difference.


There were definitely times I felt I would not make my goal and doubts crept up.  But, in the end, the Universe and a whole lot of Reiki friends supported me and my body supported me as well.  This past weekend, only one month off from my goal, I taught my FIRST Reiki class.  It was a totally new beginning for me and my beginning Reiki students.  My beginning students were all people who have supported me in the last seven months in an extraordinary way or related to those people.  This is my THANK YOU to them.

Congratulations Sean, Carol, Shenna, Hannah, Leslie, Anna and of course, the Amazing Reiki Dog, Oscar.

The class was full of a lot of firsts and I’ll talk about those, but most importantly, it was filled with a lot of Reiki LOVE, Divine LOVE and friend/caregiver LOVE and it showed.  This was a very special class from beginning to end and I’m filled with GRATITUDE !!




  1. The first, first is, it snowed.  It was the first class I had where it snowed.  It was so beautiful, but, three people didn’t get to make it to class because of the snow.  But I always say, “All in Divine Time.” Reiki, most importantly, cannot be rushed.
  2. My dog Mandy and my cat Cosmo have been staples in my Reiki classes for years, but I haven’t had other pets before.  For this class, my friends dog was invited by me to attend because I love him so much, I wanted him there and he didn’t have a caregiver for the weekend.  He was such a natural Reiki Dog, my dog loved him, he laid in people’s laps who needed healing & support and he distracted only at the perfect times with his total cuteness.

    Anna practicing Reiki on Shenna and Oscar
  3. When I was teaching the part of Reiki history, our three founders, Usui Sensei, Dr. Hayashi and Mrs. Takata ALL showed up, stood behind me with their hands on my shoulders.  It was the first time all three had showed up together and made themselves known to me during class in such a big and obvious way.  They filled me with gratitude, overflowed me with LOVE and let me know they approved of me continuing to teach Reiki and gave me their blessing.  It was needless to say, incredibly and positively overwhelming and exciting to all of us.
  4. If that wasn’t enough awesome, my husband, Robert, who was/is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and my son who was/is a Reiki I, also showed up from Heaven and helped guide our students during the practice healing sessions.  When we were in the practice sessions, I was in one room with adorable ‘Oscar the amazing Reiki dog’, his mom Shenna and our student Anna, Robert was in the practice room which Amber was overseeing and Robby was helping in the room Ellen was overseeing and the room that Robby’s girlfriend was in, practicing Reiki for the first time.  Many of us were made aware of them being there and helping to teach our students.  When we all got together to share our experiences it came out that many people had been aware of them being here.  We were all blessed and very excited by their help, guidance and support.
  5. This was my first time teaching in team with Ellen and Amber.  Because I’m still cocooned by my guides for healing purposes, I’m not running much energy and not doing attunements.  Ellen and Amber have dedicated themselves to teach with me as long as I need them and again, I’m eternally grateful for their support.

    Reiki Master Teachers for Rain Shadow Reiki from L to R, Amber McCarter, Josslyn Streett, Ellen Hammer
  6. The last first was; in every practice session we had one or more sets of what I can ‘phantom hands’ when the Reiki Guides have their hands on the student client and they can actually feel their hands.  We usually get this at Reiki circles and sometimes at class, but to have four or five sets of phantom hands in one class, that’s exciting.  Everyone had excellent confirmation that they were in face DOING and RECEIVING REIKI!!

NOT a first, but, of course, all my students were amazing, natural energy healers, ethical and full of Divine Love and Guidance the whole weekend.  I’m so proud of them.

Please give me your help and prayers in sending them love for a strong beginning to their Reiki path.  Sean, Anna, Carol, Shenna, Hannah, & Leslie a BIG HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!



Josslyn, Ellen and Amber




Congratulations Sean!! Sean came with his wife, one of my caregivers and soul sisters, to Colorado and took care of me in the hospital.  Both of them took care of me, they are an amazing couple.  So grateful for Sean and I’m grateful he loved the Reiki class.
Congratulations Anna!! Anna is Ellen’s sister-in-law.  Ellen and Oscar, have been very close to our whole family for years, they spoke at the memorial, we are grateful to include Anna in our Reiki family.
Congratulations Leslie!! Angie and Sean took care of me in the hospital and since I got home, Angie has continued to come and take care of me twice a week and still does.  I’m so grateful to be able to welcome Angie’s best friend Leslie into our Reiki family!!
Congratulations Carol!! Also very happy and grateful to welcome Angie’s mom, Carol, into our Reiki family!!
Congratulations Shenna!! Shenna was friends with Robert first as they worked on some volunteer projects together.  We got to know each other slowly but since the accident she has shown her love to me and Sawyer over and over again with helping us in so many ways and just taking the time to hang out with us and talk and get to know us.  She touches my heart with her caring, her dedication and hard work.  But, most of all, her heart was open to Reiki when she probably had so many reasons for it not to be.  I’m in awe of this woman.
Us trying to be silly.  Are those peace signs or rabbit ears or what?
Shenna and Ellen were into Care Bears and posted a care bear and said they did Reiki.  I saw the Care Bears were shooting hearts our of their tummies and said, “Yeah, I bet they do.” I was a teenager when Care Bears were introduced, too cool for them.  But, Shenna is determined that I watch them and love them, so I will.  She brought me a home-made Care Bear.  Amber, me and Ellen with my Care Bear.


The class really loved Clive, my Crystroll who helps me teach about Chakras.
Prom Pose with Anna and Ellen, “Doesn’t everyone do a prom pose with their Reiki Teacher?” Anna asked.  LOL, LOVE IT

24 thoughts on “A DIVINE Reiki Beginning, Class

  1. Extraordinary for you and,undoubtedly, extraordinary for everyone else. Wow.

    1. Thanks Hope for reading and being my biggest fan. I’m so grateful. Love and Light, Joss

  2. Great blog Josslyn! I’m so happy for you that your first Reiki class went so well! My thoughts were with you for the whole two days!

    1. Thank you Margaret, my thoughts are with you very much these days as well. So look forward to our time together. Thanks for reading and commenting, I’m so grateful for you. Joss

  3. WOW. What a great class…

    1. Thank you Sharon, Love you!! Joss

  4. Hi Jossyln,
    Am I right in concluding that you are teaching from the Usui method of Reiki?
    I am in out of practice 2nd° Reiki practitioner. I would love a refresher course.
    Michele Reynolds

    1. Hi Michele, yes, I am teaching the Usui Method of Reiki. I also teach energy in how it pertains to you and keeping yourself clean and clear and healthy. Please email me at and I’ll put you on my email list so you know of the classes coming up. My March class is booked but we’ll be scheduling another soon. I have other events as well, up and running right now is a Mystic Sisters, ladies night out, event to get together with other spiritual ladies and have fun. All is on my calendar under resources. I’ll give you a call too, just because you gave me your number, but then I’ll delete it from the post so everyone can’t see it. Thank you for reading and commenting, Blessings, Josslyn

  5. What a journey! So glad you made it and had such a beautiful class. Love surrounds us ❤️

    1. Thank you Suzanne, thank you for reading and commenting and sending us love, Grateful, Josslyn

  6. Beautifully written, Josslyn. I loved reading it. So rewarding for everyone in your class and for you as well. Incredible, but not surprising, that Robert and Robby were there to help you. It gives me chills and warms my heart at the same time to know this happened for you! 💜💙 I think of you all the time and you are always in my prayers. Love you, Pam

    1. Thank you Pam, so so grateful for you reading and commenting. I’m so grateful you and I connected again and have some of these spiritual things in common to continue to connect us. I’ll be doing a long distance class over the computer in the next year or so, let me know if that is something you’d be interested in. I’d love to teach you Reiki and connect with you deeper. Thank you for your prayers, I pray for the prayers every night and am grateful to God for ALL of you and I know there are a lot of you praying for us. SO GRATEFUL, Blessings, Josslyn

  7. Carol I am so happy that your first class went so wonderfully, It had all the aspects for a pretty great class, a Reiki puppy, wonderful caregivers, Care Bears, the appearance of historical Reiki
    teachers and Robert and Robby. I can’t imagine anything that was not there. What an awesome send off!

    1. Hi Carol, I can’t speak for Carol, but she commented below saying it was a beautiful experience. Nice to give your support to her. Blessings, Josslyn

  8. Reading this just now brought tears to my eyes and JOY to my HEART.
    What a perfect return to teaching, so thankful to Ellen and Amber.

    1. Thank you Cheryl, yes, it was more than perfect if that’s possible. LOL. Thank you for thanking and recognizing Ellen and Amber because if it wasn’t for them helping with the attunements, this class wouldn’t have happened. They deserve HUGE KUDOS and love to them, so please pray for them and their families and they are dedicated to continue helping with the classes as long as I need them. Love and Light to you dear one, Josslyn

  9. Oh Joss! As I sit here reading this, my heart is so full! I knew that when I found out about the accident that Robert and Robby would find their way back to you! And what an amazing way to do so!! I am crying tears for many reasons, but mainly because I know that you and Sawyer are going to be alright. Looking forward to a Reiki 3 class when you get one together! Sending you love and healing light my friend!!

    1. Blessings Mandy, yes, we are going to be alright. We are already alright, but I know, in the future we will be able to be joyful and eventually even free from most of the sadness and grief. We are healing and doing it with a whole lot of Reiki, so the process is in many ways, easier, faster, more natural but also deeper and more enriching. We are better almost every day, but know we are not stuck, we are moving forward and finding a new normal. Grateful you are keeping up on how we are doing, look forward to seeing you again soon. Reiki III in June. Don’t have a date yet, but we’re working on one. In Love and Light, Josslyn

  10. SUCH a blessing to have you back teaching Reiki! I’m so happy that it was such a magical class ✨

    1. Thanks Heather, love you much, Joss

  11. What an honor to be included in this class. It was a beautiful experience for all. You are not only an amazing person, but an exceptional teacher as well. So grateful and looking forward to Reiki II !

    1. Blessings Carol, Thank you so much for being a part of it. It was very important for me to have you there. You choke me up with your beautiful words and as I’m reading them, your amazing and beautiful daughter, my soul sister/Reiki sister/Caregiver/friend, is here by my side being touched by your love as well. Thank you for reading and commenting too. So many don’t and I am eternally grateful for all loving words on my site, that’s how I know you all are reading it. So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, so grateful, In Love and Light, Josslyn

  12. Such a beautiful and inspiring read Josslyn, having your husband and son there in spirit must have been truly special. L&L

    1. Thank you Suzanne, it was an incredible day. Reiki continues to inspire me every day. Blessings, Josslyn

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