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Wellness Fair Saturday in Sequim, WA



If you are local to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where Rain Shadow Reiki lives, we are participating in a FREE COMMUNITY EVENT that is much needed and greatly appreciated.  When I moved to Sequim, WA in 2008 and started doing Reiki I quickly realized that there were many holistic practitioners here, they just quietly did their own thing mostly in their homes.  That’s pretty much what I do too, although I’ve built a strong Reiki community on line as well as locally in person, it makes us stronger to mix, mingle and learn from other healers.  

So, IF you are anywhere near the Olympic Peninsula this weekend, please stop by and strengthen yourself and our community by coming to the FREE WELLNESS FAIR at Blue Mountain Yoga and the ribbon cutting for their newly reopened business.  Julia is the somewhat new owner, buying the business during the quarantines, courageous.  Community is important to her as she is creating a home for other healing and spiritual practitioners as well as yoga.

Julia has done a beautiful job in gathering healers of all different modalities to contribute to the talks, demonstrations and activities.  I will be talking and doing a Reiki plus Psychic Energy Healing demonstration at 11am.  Be early, I want to start at 11 sharp so we can do as much energy healing as possible.  Everyone will get healing (if they choose) and maybe get some psychic information too.  I with my  students will also be doing FREE mini Reiki chair sessions and FREE mini psychic reading/healings from 12:30pm to 4pm at our booth.  Look for the big Amethyst crystal!! That’s us!!


IF you are not able to come, please check out the websites with links below and paroose their sites and see if they resonate with you.  So much healing talent on the Peninsula, I’m proud to be here working and living in this beautiful part of the country.

Love and Light, Josslyn 

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS   (Subject to change for life emergencies)
Got my new banner, I’m ready for Saturday!!!
Open House Schedule
9-9:55 am- Open Levels Yoga w/ Kalee
10:05-11 am “Better Buzz” – yoga for pollinating your sense of well-being w/ Alicia,
11:15-noon Rhythm Meditations w/ Zorina Wolf of Whole Person Drumming,
11 am-noon Reiki Psychic Energy Healing w/ Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki
12-1230 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony w/ snacks and refreshments
12:30-1 pm Intro to Chakradance w/ Lauren
12:30-12:50 pm Body Psychology w/ Chelsea,
12:30-12:45 pm Capoeira Demo by Joe
12:45-1:15 pm Outdoor Family/ Kids Yoga (all ages) w/ Sara and Victoria
12:55-1:30 pm Intro to Herbalism w/ Lucie
1:10-2 pm The Sister Sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vedic Astrology w/ Melanie,
1:15-2 pm Dances of Universal Peace w/ Premdaya,
1:30-2 pm Standing Meditation w/ James,
2:10-2:50 pm Energy Healing Self-Care Class w/ Dr. Penny Burdick,
2:10-2:55 pm Herbal Remedies for Seasonal Allergies w/ Lucie
3-4 pm ShamaniK Yoga Dance w/ Maytrelli,
3-3:30 pm Enhancing Wellness and Stress Relief by Supporting the Nervous System w/ Robin,
3:40-4 pm DNA Cleansing Meditation w/ Cathlene and Matthew, New Paradyme Healing (360)912-4312
4:30-5:30 pm Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath w/ Theresa Clark West, (360)461-4163
6-7:30 pm Salish Sea Kirtan Band w/ Natavar,
Open House Outdoor Booths 12:30-4 (unless otherwise noted)
Chakradance w/ Lauren *free chakra health checks
Visceral Manipulation Assessments w/ Nicole 12:30-2 pm,,
Mini Readings w/ Autumn Smith,
Wilderness Fusion Healings w/ Sarah and Jess, 12:30-3 pm,
Rain Shadow Reiki is offering mini Reiki chair sessions and mini psychic readings
Mini Massage, treatments, and energy clearing w/ Chelsea Anne,
Acupuncture w/ Jason Taylor,, (206)569-8255
Reiki Healing, and/or Akashic Reading. 15 minute sessions with Premdaya Wajida Mathieu
2:15-4 pm Mini Massage Sessions w/ James Burtle of Rainbow Body Massage in the Treatment Room
Consultations and mini healing treatments w/ Randy Sorenson
12-2 pm
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Reiki Round Table

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Thank you ladies for helping us get this new group started.  I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.  I feel it's going to be quite interesting.
Thank you ladies for helping us get this new group started. I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. I feel it’s going to be quite interesting.

Last night we had our first Reiki Round Table spiritual discussion group here in Sequim, Washington.  Six ladies came (men are more than welcome to come too) to discuss everything and anything that came up.  We started with a short smudging ceremony, introductions and an opening prayer.  Then we sat in  the Gassho position to bring in our Reiki to be with us during the discussion.  Then for about an hour and a half left we talked and listened.  Some of the ladies were my clients and/or students and a few of them were brand new to me and even to Reiki.  We talked about what Reiki is and then just let the conversation flow from there.  I found it amazing how many different topics we talked about and felt we had covered well enough to each persons’ curiosity in such a short time.  I had a blast, but then, talking about Reiki  is one of my most favorite hobbies.


The topics we discussed were: How to change for good the subconscious thoughts that no longer serve us, healing crisis’ (or as I call them, healing opportunities), other alternative healing techniques such as Myofascial Release, E.F.T., E.M.D.R., Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and more.  Most of these I have tried and found to help a great deal.  We talked about the ways that have worked for each of us to FEEL Divine present in us and around us to help our confidence and faith.  We talked about some personal challenges we’ve had and how we have worked with Reiki to help us through them, and so much more I can’t remember it all.  I guess I better take notes next time, but I really wanted to just go with the flow.

Spiritual Community

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, for your health, for your happiness, for your spiritual growth (which probably should have been first) find a spiritual community to be a part of and GO.  Participate, for YOU.  Participate for ALL of us.  We are all blessed when others heal themselves.  We are all blessed when others are happy and sharing Love and Light.  We are all blessed when others open up their heart because they have people who care and who listen.  We are all blessed when we heal ourselves and others with Reiki.  We are ALL BLESSED when we connect on a loving and compassionate level with each other.  It is so worth it.

That’s it, lecture over.  For now.  I’m a mom after all, it comes second nature to me.

You do not have to have an attunement to Reiki to join us, all are welcome to Rain Shadow Reiki circles and  round tables who truly want to learn about energy, Reiki or just be a part of a spiritual discussion group.  How else are you going to learn about Reiki?  Oh, maybe take a Reiki class!!

Hope to see you there next time,

Josslyn if you’d like to get on my email list for classes, circles, round tables and more.  Or call 360-460-7829.

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The Pre-Cleanse

Third in a series of blogs written by Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki for her series on nutritional healing and juicing.

To read the first and second blog in the series to get caught up click on the link. (Blog 1 or blog 2)


I have been doing a pre-cleanse to get ready for the full 10 day fruit and veggie cleanse.  I got a lot of my pre–cleanse recipes from My Juice Cleanse.  It is a great site with free recipes and helpful articles.  They helped me with a lot of my early research too.  It is recommended to do a pre-cleanse to get the most results from your cleanse that the week before you start the cleanse to do certain things to prepare.  Here is what they recommend from the Reboot Your Life website:

  • Say goodbye to: processed junk foods, white flours, sugar/desserts, fried food, fast food, processed meats, alcohol and begin to wean yourself off caffeine.
  • Say hello to: salads, soups, smoothies with a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, natural nut butters, beans and legumes.

The food pyramid I’m working off of but with actually less breads and cereals as my body does not really want them. My body wants it’s carbs from vegetables. Every body is different. Learn to listen to YOUR BODY,

  • Transitioning off animal proteins: choose wild-caught fish, organic eggs and gradually decrease poultry during the week and choose only organic varieties when you eat them. By last day of the week, your protein should come solely from plant sources such as beans, nuts, and legumes (for example, black beans, hummis, chick-peas, lentils).
  • Transitioning off dairy: choose only low or non-fat organic dairy with little to no added sugars. If you choose soy, rice or almond milk, have unflavored/plain to limit the sugar content. Choose organic cheese, and transition from cow’s milk cheese to goat cheese by the middle of the week. By the end of the week (day 5) all dairy should be out of your diet to prepare for the Reboot.

This cleanse is fruits and veggies with no dairy, meats, breads or cereals.  This Pre-Cleanse gets you ready for the full cleanse and makes the cleanse easier on you emotionally and physically.  I feel it working.

My Results of the Pre-Cleanse

I started the full cleanse today.  While talking to a friend on the phone about how I’m feeling today, starting the full cleanse, I realized how much progress I’ve made already.  Just by doing the pre-cleanse I have altered thought processes that are critical to my success.  I’ve started being much more discerning about what I eat FOR MY BODY, not my emotions.  When I’m wanting to grab something fast and easy like a cheese stick, I automatically stop, and I start thinking “hmm, if I eat this, I’ll then have to spend time and energy making sure it gets released completely from my body system.  (The colonic helped with this too.  More on that later.)  Do I want this badly enough to do that extra work and to make my body work that hard.”  WOW, this is a huge difference from “I’m hungry, I need to eat something quick and easy now.”  Or from my typical emotional response, “I need some cheese, or I need some chips and salsa. Nothing else will satisfy me.”  Just by doing the pre-cleanse WITH INTENTIONS and GOALS I have started shifting my energy system enough to create major change in my mental thought processes and belief systems.  This is huge for me.  I’m more concerned about the health of my body than I am making my inner child happy with food.

Energy to Do What I Need to Do

I also noticed yesterday, for the first time in years, I had a full and busy day with a lot of driving to get to my doctor for my colonic and then the kids to their doctors in a whole other city, literally 3 to 4 hours of driving.  Usually driving wears me out for the whole day and I’m resting up from it rather than being productive.  Yesterday I did all the driving, a colonic for the first time, doctors appointments for my kids, shopping for my cleanse and dinner for my family and I still was going at the end of the day.  WOW, for me, chronic fatigue for seventeen years, this was a massive change.  THIS gave me a great deal of hope and confidence that this cleanse is truly going to change my life.

The Pre-Work

Meditation, I have found, is THE best way to raise your vibration, work on your emotional patterns, change your subconscious belief systems and connect with your higher self. Plus it’s relative easy to learn, the trick is to DO IT! As with anything, practice makes better!

The pre-work is different from the pre-cleanse.  I’ve been doing the pre-work for months now, probably years.  I’ve been meditating, doing Reiki, working with Naturopaths and healers to help me get to this point.  I’ve worked with hypnotherapists and most recently an MFCC who does Energy Psychology (a mix of Donna Eden’s energy work and Emotional Freedom Technique) to rewrite the beliefs in my subconscious mind.  ALL of this has helped me to get ready for TODAY.  All of this has helped me to be ready, really ready to give up the belief systems, the dairy and the old eating patterns to the point where I KNOW deep down that I will be successful, for a lifetime.

Real Life Example

For example.  With the energy psychology this week we worked on belief patterns that I didn’t believe I could be successful with the cleanse AND be healthy too.  This went along with another belief that I had, I believed I needed lots of food and lots of dairy or animal protein in particular in order to stay alive.  These were not rational thoughts because my rational mind (10%) does not agree with these thoughts.  However, my subconscious mind (90%) does believe them and therefore that is what I follow, knowing it or not.  Now I know it, and have worked on it and released it.  I did this by tapping on my meridian systems with the EFT process.

I was ill from malnourishment in many lives.

It turns out as I was tapping on these beliefs I was able to watch and see the past lives that these beliefs came from.  I had five past lives where I was starving to death but only actually died in one of them.  The other lives I just got very ill and was not able to care for my family.  My soul held on to the belief that I got sick from not having enough to eat, enough protein.  That is how our minds work sometimes.  I had to hold on to those beliefs until I could understand them, learn from them and then release them.  Now that I have done that, I can truly change.  I am changing my eating habits permanently.  And that is what it takes to truly reboot your life.  It feels good and it feels good to share this with my friends, clients, students and internet readers.  I pray this helps to motivate some of you to reboot your life too.

Working on your mind, your subconscious belief pattern are in my opinion, one of the first places to start before you start any diet or healthy new way of eating. Work on those first and the rest will stick.

Got to Be Ready

Don’t rush into it, however.  Do the pre-work.  Do the research.  Do the mind work.  DO  until you are truly ready to do this for life.  These are big changes and I believe people need to be truly ready.  I also believe in order to be successful you need to do one major dietary change at a time.  If you do more you’ll most likely get overwhelmed and not stick with it for the long haul.  These are lifelong changes in eating, not temporary.  You have to be ready.  But, have no fear.  The energy is so strong for change this year that for those waking up, change is happening automatically and faster than usual.  THIS is a great time to make major changes like this with Divine Source along with you to help and guide.

I also recommend working with someone like me, or another spiritual support person to guide you and help you along the way with mental thought patterns, emotional addictions, issues of letting go, energy work, etc.  I’m not doing this alone, I don’t expect anyone to do it alone.  Gather your support team and do the FIRST dietary change YOU feel is more important for you.  That is how I have done it and that is how I’ve been able to be successful with each step, including this one.  I’m thinking ahead on that one.

Love and Light to you all,

Good Luck on YOUR personal challenges this month.  I’m here with you.

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher/Healer/Reader or 360-460-7829

More free juicing recipes at My Juice Cleanse,  All About Juicing and 7 Day Juice

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Our Intuitive Mini-Me’s

Wow!  These kids are simply AMAZING!  Friday night we had one of the best Reiki circles for kids that we’ve had so far.  What made it so special?  The kids!  We’ve had some events in our little spiritual Reiki community recently that really had the kids feeling quite vulnerable and scared.  Because of these events, they really opened up with their questions and our discussions got deeper than many of my discussions with adults.  These kids don’t “pull any punches” so to speak, they get right to the heart of the matter, right to truly what’s scaring them, they are not afraid to show themselves.  They just need to feel safe and they will open up quite easily and honestly.  We have so much to learn from these kids.  I highly recommend coming to a Kids Reiki circle just to listen to what these highly intuitive mini me’s have to say.

Many questions and sharing tonight at the Kids Reiki Circle. We had nine boys and girls who just couldn't get enough time to share.

The Plan

The lesson we had planned today was about working with spiritual tools.  I had a simple list of about 6 to 8 spiritual tools I had jotted down in case they had trouble coming up with some.  They came up with almost 30 spiritual tools in a matter of a few minutes, everything on my list and then some.  The depth that a 2nd grade girl can go to and think outside the box of most adults astounded me.  She said “our lives are spiritual tools.”  That blew me away.  Yes, old soul, our lives are the ultimate spiritual tool!

Reviewing the Gassho, the Reiki beginning intention, for the new children.

The REAL lesson

It’s simple people – these kids are here to TEACH US!!  We’d best listen to them!! And soon! Truly listen to them.  If we give them a chance and really listen they will tell us all we need to know about how to help our world and ourselves.  They are smart, intuitive, heart sensitive and incredibly caring.  They care so much that they are extra vulnerable to getting hurt by others easily.  We, as adults, parents, teachers, principals, school aides, doctors, counselors, administrators, and humans need to really watch how we talk to them, how we engage them, how we discipline them, and how we listen to them or don’t listen to them in the kids eyes.  They are sensitive to our moods, our energy and extremely so to our harsh actions and words.  It’s time to all work together to be more confident and less stressed humans to be the best we can be for these kids who are going to help save our world, and who knows, may help save us some day.  I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute.

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind, "Pooh," he whispered. "Yes, Piglet?" "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you." Our kids just want to FEEL safe.

Not so subtle but highly loving sales pitch

Here is where I push a class I completely and totally believe in.  I have taken parenting classes from Heather T. Forbes on-line for the last year.  She is amazing.  She has a very simple approach to working with these very sensitive kids who are always getting in trouble at school for being too flighty, too active, too dreamy, too “can’t sit still”, too rude, too angry and who knows what else.  She has helped me be a more confident mom most of the time.  I’m still human after all and still lose it sometimes and make mistakes.  But, now I know what to do after those Un Buddha like moments.  She focuses on keeping the family stress level low AND building your relationship with your child.

And, finally, some help!

Once again this blog didn’t go anywhere I planned it to go.  I just let it flow and I’m always surprised where it ends up.  If you live in Sequim, I’m starting a little moms support group based on the teachings of Heather Forbes and other similar teachers.  We will watch her videos and talk and share with the other moms.  Maybe we’ll do some role plays.  That always helps me.  They will be on Mondays in May at 9 am to 11 am at Rain Shadow Reiki.  After that if the moms want to keep going, I do, we’ll probably do it once a month.  I have many kinds of tea but no coffee so stop for some before you come if you need it.

Please call or email me if you are interested.  Being a parent is a huge challenge, but parenting these very intuitive and sensitive kids is an even bigger commitment.  Lets help each other and in return help out kids and our families and our communities.  Hope to see you there or check out Heather’s website.  She teaches all her amazing classes on-line as well.  That’s how I took mine and they are fabulous!  She’s also in my links section.  See the calendar for the moms support group.

Was that another soap box, does that count?!

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher and parent to two highly active,  intuitive and incredibly precocious children.

360-460-7829 or

“Rabbit’s clever,” said Pooh thoughtfully

“Yes” said Piglet, “Rabbit’s clever.”

“And he has brain.” says Pooh

“Yes,” said Piglet, “Rabbit has brain.”

(There was a long silence)

“I suppose,” said Pooh, “That that’s why he never understands anything.”

A.A.Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh