These links are to people who I know, have taken classes from or with and I trust them and the work they do.  Many of them are located in Southern California since that is where I am from originally and took many of my classes.  However, as you know, with the work we do, it can be done anywhere at anytime. So don’t let location stop you from trying one of these wonderful healers, teachers, schools or psychics.  Most have websites for you to check out and see who feels right for you.  I add these people with their links to honor them and the wonderful work they do.  There are many great healers available.  It’s just a matter of finding one that “fits” for you.

Pamela Ziemann – Creativity and Confidence Catalyst, helping solopreneurs develop confidence and creativity from the inside out – and then boldly express their unique message to the world, so they can have the impact (and success) they desire.

Parenting Classes for the New Age, Heather Forbes, Did you get the parenting manual that was supposed to come with your child?  THIS IS IT!  This is the only book you need to raise your child in a loving home with healthy and loving boundaries and discipline.  (Discipline means “To Teach”)  Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control is one of her books and her philosophy for parenting children.  She believes in building the relationship between you and your child first and foremost.  She believes in lessening the stress in the household and between you and your child so that you AND your child can make decisions from a place of CONSCIOUS thinking, not stressful fight or flight modes, which most of us do and then regret.  The books and classes give all the scientific research as to why her methods work.  But it’s her loving non-judgemental way of teaching that makes me come back for more classes.  I have taken multiple classes from her and they have literally changed my relationships with my boys.  Read her book, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Yes, I believe in her that much.

Breastfeeding support – Cass Romero-Schroeder,, Cass was there for me when I had both of my boys.  It was not easy in the beginning for us but Cass was there every step of the way to help.  If you are in the Riverside or San Bernardino area in CA she can help you personally.  If not sign up for her blog and she can help you over cyberspace.  She’s great.

On Line Church, Universal Life Church,  Minister means “To Serve.”  If you feel called to serve others through Divine Source, through a Church that is open to all Spiritual paths, then Universal Life Church may be for you.  Reverend Amy Long is wonderful about keeping you up to date on the latest classes and books available. I have enjoyed being a part of their ministry.

Energy Healers/Teachers

Candia Sanders, Extraordinary Medical Intuitive located in Southern Washington, Candia is my personal healer and teacher.  I have worked with her for many years, even before I found Reiki.  I am always impressed with her compassion and abilities.

Catherine Morris, I took my first four Reiki classes from Catherine.  She is an amazing teacher and has a very calm and spiritual presence.  She is the co-creator of the Intuitive Energy Healing® system, (The other creator being, Divine Source) IEH and I am taking classes from her currently in that amazing modality.  Catherine is located on Orange County, CA.

Jade Elizabeth, I took my first IEH classes from Jade as well as my Rocks and Crystals Class.  Jade is a master storyteller and I learn so much from hearing the healing stories she tells.  I also buy a lot of my healing stones from her.  She can intuitively choose the perfect stone for you and ship it to you.  She’s amazing.  Jade is also located in Orange County, CA.

Margaret McCormick, Margaret has a specialty that is in demand these days but many people don’t know they need her.  She is the best and works with the Highest Order of Guides who help her with her entity removals, one of the issues causing chronic illness today.  80% of people today are walking around with other people’s energies trapped in ours.  Check out her website for the symptoms and see how you feel about it.  I HIGHLY recommend her to all my clients.  Margaret teachers classes in Orange County, CA.

Lorraine George, Lorraine and I took Karuna Reiki® class together.  I liked her right away and was struck by her honesty, compassion for Reiki and teaching and her LOVE of what she does.  Lorraine teachers Reiki in San Diego, CA.

William Lee Rand, Author, Reiki teacher, Editor of the Reiki News Magazine and amazingly ethical Reiki researcher. I am proud to have taken Karuna Reiki® directly from William Rand.  He is committed to finding the truth to the history of Mikao Usui and Reiki and passing it on to all of us through his writing.

Shamanic Practitioner, Jill Raiguel,  Jill is an author, counselor and Shamanic Practitioner in Southern California.  My husband has taken many shamanic classes from Jill and we both took classes from Jill on how to instal Egyptian Light Columns into the earth for healing our planet.  We installed these all throughout our journey around the country as part of our healing ministry for the Earth.  If you have an interest in learning how to do this check out her website or call her for more information.

Animal Communication, Karen Anderson, Karen Anderson helped me grieve for my beloved dog who had passed away nine years before meeting her by talking to him and bringing me messages from him.  I was stuck in grief until I met Karen.  She is amazing and LOVES animals.  She also wrote a wonderful book worth checking out.  Call ahead, she books at least two weeks in advance.

Annette Carlstrom, Annette is called a modern day mystic and also “Sweden’s answer to the Dalai Lama.”  I don’t know about that, but I received Deeksha from her over six years ago in person and I’m still following her today.  Her energy is absolutely lovely, when I watch her videos I can’t take my eyes off of her. Her website has CD’s that I highly recommend, classes, free on line meditations, free monthly calls and much more.  She has the gift of giving Oneness, through her voice by speaking or singing.

Hypnosis School, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, HMI has a wonderful and thorough program for learning to by a Hypnotherapist, not just a hypnotist.  You can do classes on line as well as take classes in CA.

Acupuncturist, Kathie Albertson, Kathie is the one who began it all for me.  She taught me first about energy and how to FEEL something that is invisible but very real.  Thank you Kathie for being there to teach me.  Dr. Albertson is an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and practices Pranic Healing, energy healing from India.

Other energy healing modalities

EFT is another healing modality that I am currently learning to incorporate into my healing practice.  They believe in their system so much the beginning manual is free on line.  This modality has to do with light tapping on the acupuncture meridians in order to free trauma from your nervous system.  It works!

Touch for Health, another healing modality that I am currently learning and taking classes in.  It is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy to relieve stress, aches and pains, feel and function better, be more effective, clarify and achieve your goals and enjoy your life!  It uses muscle testing and acupuncture points to balance energy in each meridian.

David Pederson – My Touch for Health Teacher in Port Ludlow, WA.  He made a subject that was difficult for me personally to learn, quite simple in the way he taught it.  Thank you David.

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