Healing with Stones and Crystals

Amethyst has always been my favorite -Joss

I’ve had a passion for rocks and crystals since I was a child.  I remember always wanting to buy an amethyst geode.  My parents wouldn’t let me get one because they said I’d just outgrow the desire for it and it would collect dust.  I never did.  When I started practicing Reiki,  I soon after took Jade Elizabeth‘s class on Healing with crystals and chakras and the addiction began.  Since then my best teachers are the rocks themselves and my guides.  I use my intuition for choosing and placement as well as the knowledge I’ve collected from classes and books.  I collect rocks and crystals anywhere and everywhere now.  Most I do use for healing and meditation purposes but some I keep just for my own personal pleasure.


Josslyn’s client, Amy, with stones laid intuitively on her body


From “Love is in the Earth” by Melody

“This involves placing the members of the mineral kingdom upon the body of another.  Those from ancient civilizations have used this art to facilitate healing of another on all levels; first affecting an aligned connection between the perfection of the etheric body and the physical form and, subsequently, promoting the energy transfer from the minerals to the physical form.  The laying-on-0f-stones can be used to initiate healing, astral travel, travel to the center of ones being and much more.

There are no set procedures and no rules; the intuition is the teacher; one will make no mistakes because there are no mistakes.  It is, however, recommended that appropriate minerals be used at the areas of the hand and feet chakras in order to produce grounding to the physical plane; this grounding assists one in the acceptance of the transfer of the mineralogical healing energies during healing activities.”

A crystal and Reiki healing on Heather with all quartz crystals on her. Her soul was requesting a “purity” healing with clear quartz only.


“With a closed mind and heart, the light cannot enter.”

Shelby Taylor Weaver

Placing stones the same color as the chakra they are placed on helps facilitate the healing of that chakra. Pink or green for the heart chakra for instance.




An excerpt from “Crystal Enlightenment” by Katrina Raphaell

Crystal History: Past, Present and future uses of Crystals and Healing Stones

“Down through the ages, civilizations have used the power of crystals and stones for many purposes.  the oldest legends and lore of crystal magic lead us back to the ancient continent of Atlantis.  It is supposed that the evolved inhabitants of this advanced race used crystals to channel and harness the cosmic force.  This legendary civilization of advanced sciences would use crystals as beacons of light that would serve as a telepathic communicator to their universal forefathers.  They also used crystal power for many physical and practical purposes.  It is rumored that before Atlantis was destroyed, the uncorrupted wise ones wished to preserve the knowledge the race had inherited.  They dared not transcribe it into books for fear that throughout the earth’s cataclysmic changes the records would be destroyed.  In their wisdom, they programmed certain crystals with the information and re-materialized them into the earth.  They trusted that when the time was right these crystals would surface on the planet and be attracted to the people who could attune their minds to receive the wisdom stored within.

Depiction of Pyramids in Atlantis using crystal power

The survivors of Atlantis began anew and continued to perpetuate the knowledge of crystals in Egypt, South America and Tibet.  As the root civilizations rose and fell, the latent knowledge of the power and potential of crystal energy was hidden from those who were corrupt in their motives.  Much of the wisdom has been lost but some of it survived and sprouted in different cultures and civilizations throughout history.

  • It is recorded in the Bible that a breast-plate made of twelve precious jewels, combined specifically together in four rows, and worn over the heart would endow Aaron with the power of God.
  • Kings in ancient India were advised to collect the very best gems to protect themselves from harm.
  • Early works on astrology, written in Sanskrit and dating back as early as 400 B.C., make elaborate observations on the origin and power of stones.
  • Medical practices of many ancient cultures included wearing talismans and amulets around the neck.
  • Old Rome believed that external objects, such as stones, had a direct and positive influence on the body.
  • Early references in Greek and Roman writings indicate that stones were worn as talismans for health, protection and to attract virtues.
  • Throughout history gems and stones have been associated with royal blood and were elegantly worn in crowns and jewelry, embedded in thrones, laid in swords and used as decorations in other treasures.
  • Mayan and American Indians have used crystals for diagnosis as well as for the treatment of disease.
Today-crystals used in science

Different cultures and people have utilized the power within crystals and stones for as long as humans have inhabited the earth.  They have been used in a myriad of ways and purposes.  Today with the rapid advancement of technology, crystals are being used to transmit and magnify energies in many different ways.  Ruby crystals, both naturally formed and man-made, are being used in lasers for microscopic surgery.  Each year thousands of pounds of quartz crystals are being mined and crushed to be used for technological purposes.  Quartz crystals are used in ultrasound devices, in watches, and as memory chips in computers.  Quartz is used as oscillators for controlling radio frequencies in electronic equipment; as capacitors to modify energy capacity in circuits; as transducers to transmit energy from one system to another and as condensers that will store energy.


On a more esoteric level, stones and crystals can be used in meditation to develop the intuition and learn from the higher senses.  Crystals or stones can be placed under the pillow during sleep to inspire lofty and prophetic dreams.  they can be used in healing practices to stabilize erratic emotions, soothe troubled minds and help heal body imbalances.  They can be held during the labor and birth process for added strength, used in ceremonial rituals, or placed around plants, animals or children who are in need of balancing or healing.

These teachings about crystals are for everyone and can be applied by anyone who is intuitively drawn or attracted to such information.  However, intentions must be humanitarianly pure or the powers could be severely turned against the abuser.

The time is now when once again the healers and light-workers will step forth and use the crystals and stones as tools in bringing onto the earth a new ray, a new way and a new race.  Crystals and stones are very much a part of the planetary transformation of which we are all a part.  In whatever way you choose to use them, use them ethically and consciously.”


  • Sessions with Josslyn cost $25 for every 15 minutes or $95 per hour.
  • A first time full session takes a minimum of 1 1/2 to 2 hours for intake and healing.
  • A full session with just energy healing (Reiki and/or IEH) and some crystal work, usually lasts about 45 minutes to one hour.
  • After a first time full session then you can request a mini session for 30 minutes minimum, especially if you have a certain area that you want to concentrate on.  Crystal healing is available with these mini sessions but not readings.
  • A full session with Reiki and psychic information usually takes at least two hours.


My “go to” book during a healing, great quick reference book.

Another book I like to use during sessions for a quick reference is “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall

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  1. Hi Joss, I love your new website, especially the Healing with Stones and Crystals section. You know that was my favorite method when you practiced on me in SoCal and they work wonders with your guidance! I am so blessed to have you in my life.
    P.S…. I still have the pink quartz Ganesha

  2. Thank you Rhonda. I just saw this, way too late. You know I LOVE working with the stones and crystals and I am always learning more and more from them. I’m working on writing a class to teach others about working with stones and crystals to heal themselves. I’m so glad the Ganesha is bringing you positive energy into your life. I think of you often and send blessings your way. I’m blessed to have YOU in my life as well. Love and Light to you.

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