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New Self Healing Workshops for December – Online & In Person

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA







    REIKI SELF HEALING EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP – ONLINE & IN PERSON – 3 MONDAY SESSIONS, December 3rd, 10th & 17th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, $150 or $50 per session. All Reiki levels are welcome.

    This workshop is for those of you who can attend in person and online! Join us here in person at Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim or online via JoinMe.

    The intention of this workshop is to heal and break through any blockages you have to doing your Reiki or feeling worthy of doing your Reiki on YOU. Doing Reiki on you is the most important healing you can do. First we must be aware consciously of the blockages we have to healing ourselves, then heal them with Reiki.

    This whole workshop is designed around the intention to be aware and heal those issues and get started feeling worthy and confident in your self healing practice.
    360-460-7829 or

    GASSHO WORKSHOP – Saturday, December 15th, 10:00am to 2:30pm, 1/2 hour lunch break. $75. Online and in person.

    The Gassho Reiki Ritual is one of the most important and grounding rituals I do for my spiritual self. It has become vital to my daily practice and to who I am energetically, psychically and physically as a person. Some classes do not teach the Gassho in Reiki I and some do, like ours, but there is so much other new information that sometimes the importance of the Gassho ritual, gets lost. This workshop will focus on helping you feel connected and confident in your practice of the Gassho.

    All levels of Reiki welcome.

    Some of our students have expressed a desire to dig deeper into the Gassho that we teach in Reiki I.

    The Gassho is a foundational part of Reiki and your Gassho will evolve as you walk your spiritual path and can change from healing to healing, day to day.

    In this workshop we will delve into the spiritual ritual of the Gassho as well as going deep into our souls, asking “What do I need most to work on and how to do that best to support the healer in me?”.

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    Reiki, the Perfect Gift Certificate

    Blessings Reiki Friends,

    Reiki doesn’t contribute to any landfill and it doesn’t hang around having to be taken care of for years on end.  It’s the perfect gift for your stressed out friend, partner or yourself.  If the gift is a Reiki class, it’s the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime.
    We can do Reiki and almost all Reiki services in person or long distance.
    *spirit guide reading
    *past life reading
    *negative energy clearing
    *intuitive reading
    *psychic Reiki healing
    *all can be done long distance for anyone.
    ***Or an in person Reiki session with crystals and/or essential oils is the perfect way to relax before, during or after the holiday rush.
    Please call or email if you’d like to purchase a gift certificate for you or a friend,
    Josslyn, Amber and Ellen
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    Reiki for Burns

    By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

    Reiki is excellent for burns because it works and it works from a distance beautifully.  Extra beautiful because with burns, you can’t touch.  This is where touch healing is NOT beneficial, but Reiki doesn’t have to touch to be effective.

    When my kids were young they were working a bake sale with their friends.  One of the friends moms was making popcorn in the kitchen when she badly burned her hand.  As it was bubbling up and looking very scary (medical terms) I offered her Reiki while another mom offered to call an ambulance or take her to the ER.  She insisted she was fine and was going to finish the popcorn for her kids.  I perceived she was in great pain but always put her kids first and didn’t want to worry anyone.  That was normal for her.

    Myself and the other moms were quite concerned as it didn’t look like a simple burn at all, was blistering, quite red and other colors and was widespread through most of the back of her hand.

    The burn was worse than this but I couldn’t bear to put any pictures worse than this one.  Like I said, not good with first aid and medical stuff.

    I offered to do Reiki and said I could do it while she finished the popcorn and she didn’t even have to stand still.  She agreed.  She even stood still and allowed me to be close to her while working and at one point, for a few minutes, she stopped moving completely and allowed the energy to work. Within ten minutes of Reiki her burn was completely calmed down and none of us were alarmed any longer.  It looked like a completely different burn, one that looked very innocuous.  She said while I was working on it, it felt like bags of ice were on her hand.  She said it was very cold and there was no pain.  She said there continued to be no pain and she could touch it.  She didn’t go for help and it healed.

    Now, obviously, I’m not a medical person and I’m not even good in medical emergencies, other than doing Reiki and staying calm.  But, I have good intuition and I trust it.  I felt and the other mothers felt it was a much more severe burn than it turned out to be in the end, with ten minutes of Reiki.

    In case you aren’t convinced, here is another burn experience from “Light on the Origins of Reiki” by Tadao Yamaguchi

    Blessings to all you beautiful readers,


    Burn Story from “Light on the Origins of Reiki” by Tadao Yamaguchi a handbook for practicing the original Reiki of Tsui and Hayashi.

    As Reiki spread beyond Japan, only it’s ‘relaxation’ aspect has been emphasized.  this may have happened for legal reasons but in a way  I think it is a quite natural development and there is nothing wrong in it.  Reiki has enormous possibilities and brings us supreme comfort both physically and psychologically.

    Reiki was originally created mainly to treat physical illnesses.  In Japan today you cannot claim that Reiki is a medical treatment unless you are a qualified doctor or certified acupuncturist.  Still, we can’t deny the effectiveness of Reiki.  My mother Chinook Yamaguchi practiced Reiki over 65 years and she proved that.

    Chiyoko’s Burn Story:

    “Reiki works really well with burns.  I have witnessed a lot of burns cured without leaving scars when treated with Reiki.  I remember clearly a boy living in my neighborhood.  This three-year old had burned his hand while he was alone at home.  Playing by the fire he had accidentally burnt himself and the resulting injury was really nasty.  Three days had already passed when he was brought to us.  The burn had started to fester and his hand had turned bright yellow.  Doctors in those days would have simply disinfected the wound and wrapped the hand with bandages.  If the boy had been given this conventional treatment his fingers would have become stuck together and dysfunctional.  His parents were not fully convinced about Reiki in the beginning but they were desperate.

    Anyway I started to work on him with my sister and aunt.  To our surprise he fell asleep within 20 or 30 minutes even though his mother had said that he had not slept at all became of the pain.  It reassured the parents and they decided to allow the treatment to continue.

    We gave the boy Reiki for more than an hour everyday and by the third day the weeping of the wound had eased.  Several days later the surface of burnt skin peeled off and fresh skin and fingernails were beginning to regenerate underneath.  It was truly motivating for us.  I deeply appreciated having the opportunity to deal with such a case.  His fingers began to function properly and his parents were really delighted.”

    Around the same time there was another boy in her neighborhood who suffered burns which were less serious but which received conventional medical treatment from a doctor.  HIs fingers became stuck to the palm of his hand and he ended up having an operation to amputate his fingertips.  When you consider medical science in those days, Reiki was unquestionably more effective than the conventional medicine available.

    Hayes Sensei used to say that with Reiki, problems are cured from deep inside, and my mother was convinced of this once she had dealt with such burns.  This one healed not only on the surface but also from deep inside with the flesh regenerating.  My mother Chiyoko had numerous experiences treating such cases.

    Chiyoko’s burn story #2

    “One of my sons got a burn when he spilled rice porridge on his thigh.  I gave Reiki only to the main burnt area and it healed.  However I overlooked other smaller burns and these spots still have scars”

    I also remember my mother giving Reiki to a young girl in my neighborhood who had been scalded by boiling water leaving terrible burns all over her shoulder.  She healed without any scars.  Chiyoko has many stories similar to these.  She could talk endlessly about her experiences.


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    Reiki for Grieving-1

    By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

    For those who are just reading, months ago, July 20th, 2017, my life changed drastically.  On vacation, heading to a family reunion in Colorado, a car driving way too fast, quite erratic and uninsured hit us head on.  He killed my husband and my 16 year old son and badly injuring my 14 year old son and myself.  It has been a challenging time to say the least.

    But, this is a blog about Reiki and how Reiki can help us through any difficulty in our lives, healing us through the good and the bad, even the unimaginable.

    Life on earth is unpredictable.  We literally do not know what tomorrow brings.  But, I know that Reiki brings my connection to Creator.  We as humans need this connection more than ever.  People are feeling disconnected.  People are feeling that the spiritual practice they’ve been doing has not been getting them the connection they need, they are seeking some other way.  I was a seeker and I found my connection to the God of my heart, through Reiki.

    Reiki brought that tangible connection to me and I’m more grateful now then I’ve ever been.  I can’t promise I’ll be writing consistently since I’m still in deep grieving.  What I will promise is that if I feel Divine poking and prodding to write a blog, I’ll write a blog.  I’ll write if I feel it’s important and I won’t waste your time or mine.  I’ll probably be writing about grieving a lot, but Reiki for grieving is Reiki for life and you can translate much of these experiences to other situations in life too.  It’s all good.


    The first aspect I want to talk about, and maybe quite possibly the most important one….

    Reiki brings the most amazing people into ones life –

    I’ve been teaching Reiki in Sequim for nine years.  When the crash happened my Reiki students rallied.  They flew to Colorado to take care of me in the hospital, taking turns for more than a month.  They volunteered to stay with me and care-give for me 24 hours a day for four months and after during the day.  They have brought me food, cards, tissues, crystals and other things from their hearts.  They have donated money to a fund for my family (Sawyer and I) to help pay the bills we cannot pay at this time. They have driven me and Sawyer to countless doctors appointments since I couldn’t drive for ten months after the accident and they even came over to pick up our dog, Mandy’s poop in the backyard.  Like I said, AMAZING!

    As well, they’ve spent endless hours listening to me talk about, cry and grieve for my family.  Fifteen months later at this writing, they still sit and listen and hold space for me to grieve as I need to.



    Josslyn Streett, Proud to be a Reiki Master/Teacher in Sequim, WA  Continue reading Reiki for Grieving-1

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    By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

    We are getting geared up again to offer our online classes and workshops for learning Reiki and Reiki practice to gain confidence and get help from experienced and highly qualified Reiki and Energy Healing teachers.

    If you would like to be on the email list to get emails of the upcoming online events available to you, please email Josslyn at or call at 360-460-7829 and leave a message.

    All classes are quoted in and taught in Pacific Standard Time.

    Our next online class is Reiki I.

    Reiki I is the beginning.  This is where you start.  No pre-requisites.  Reiki I will be two Saturdays in November.  Saturday, November 10th & 17th from 9am to 6pm. Both days must be attended.  Even online I teach a full thorough Reiki class.  $200.

    This is a sacred time for you to learn and be connected with Reiki with no distractions from kids, pets, or spouses.  Make sure you have a sacred space where you can take the class in your home.  Find a friend to take it with and you’ll have someone to practice on for the in class healing. We will take regular bathroom, snack and lunch breaks.

    One must have a good internet connection on their computer to have a full day online class as well.  I use JOIN ME for all my classes and workshops.

    Questions: or 360-460-7829

    LOCALS: If you are local to the Olympic Peninsula you are able to join us in person as this class will be both online and in person.  If you are at all able, I highly recommend coming in person. Email me about this class if you have questions.



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    Young Ladies TEEN REIKI CLASS

    We are planning to teach a very rare, first time ever, TEEN REIKI CLASS just for girls.
    I am only going to charge $50 of the normal $200 because I really want these teens to SHOW UP and LEARN REIKI!!
    This is a great opportunity to meet other like minded, open hearted teen girls like you.
    This is a great opportunity to learn how to heal yourself, your pets, and others.  Reiki is amazing for helping us through the challenging and most stressful times of life and helps us handle life with less anxiety and more hope.
    Because some of our students are college students away for much of the year, we will teach this class Thanksgiving weekend.  We have four students so far, can take up to 8 or 10.
    WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, November 24th & 25th. 9am to 6pm both days
    Read more about REIKI I CLASS 
    Please feel free to email or call me about any questions for this class. I want everyone to feel very safe in coming and participating. 360-460-7829. 
    I’m really excited about this,
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    New Long Distance Experiential Workshops – HUGH SUCCESS!!

    By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

    Testimonials at the bottom of the page-

    Class taught Online as well-

    I am thrilled to report that our first experiment into EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOPS went great!!  Our goal is to help our students be more confident in their Reiki practice so they will use it more in their lives, progress confidently and feel more fulfilled with Reiki in their lives.  I believe we accomplished our goal.

    We did a three night workshop, one week apart each for practice.  We were able to meditate and do two long distance healings with different intentions each night.  Plus we had time for questions and sharing.  It was amazing.  Everyone grew, expanded their belief boxes and pushed themselves beyond what they already knew.  I’m so proud of each of them, they WENT FOR IT!!

    LOL, as usual, we are all doing our own thing.  I don’t even know what we are trying to symbol here, but I was doing WONDER WOMAN POWER, but it looks more like angel wings which I like too.  We also held some of the symbols of the Ascended Masters and Guides that helped us with this workshop.  Powerful healing, powerful group of healers.  AWESOME!!

    The Long Distance Reiki Symbol is infinite, just like Divine Source.  This symbol is so expansive, sometimes it can be intimidating to students.  This workshop was geared to make working with the symbol like working with a friend.

    We will be doing more of them, in person as well as online, so watch for them.  If you are not on our Rain Shadow Reiki email list getting monthly emails about classes and workshops, email me at and I’ll add you.  As long as you can show me you have a Reiki II certificate or are my student, you can join us.(Testimonials at the bottom)

    We are either growing and expanding or were stagnating.  Which do you prefer?



    Dianne, from Sunshine Cafe, catered a impromptu taco salad dinner that HIT THE SPOT after hours of energy work.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! THANK YOU DIANNE!! 


    “I took this workshop to renew my connection to Reiki and the people. I knew it would be interesting and fun and it was. It was also powerful. I made connections with parts of myself that I had not known before. I also learned that there were parts of me that I didn’t know about. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone interested in self growth and/or helping others.

    It is fun!”

    Noel from Sequim, WA

    “This workshop taught us many ways to send Reiki, and how to do some deep self-healing. I needed the self-healing reminder. Holographic healing is my favorite right now. Back chakra work this way is a lot easier.   I can’t wait for the next workshop! This has helped me feel more confident and comfortable in my ability to send/do LD Reiki.  I would definitely recommend this workshop, like I said I can’t wait for the next workshop.”        A. B. from Sequim, WA

    “I attended workshop 3 of 3 only, so was afraid I had missed too much but NO! We worked on Shadow Self and I was amazed at what I saw. Truly amazing. Reiki and the symbols can be used anywhere, any time and for all things! Excited to take part 1 & 2 of this workshop.” Bren from Sequim, WA

    “This was a new experience learning to do long distance Reiki. I did not know how many different things that could include, space, time, back to inner child, etc. It was a real learning experience that I will keep on using.” Carol K. from Sequim, WA

    (Would I recommend this worship to someone else?) “Absolutely!! I am so grateful to have been able to attend all 3 days. I felt held safely in the container that was created. I loved the way we were brought into space each time through a grounding meditation. I loved beginning our long distance Reiki practice on ourselves first. We did 2 practices and it was done with enough time, sharing, presence. I also appreciated the 1stday intro and guideline instructions. I wish I was around more as I would definitely participate in other workshops. I feel the long distance Reiki is an amazing resource for trauma work – a gentle way for people to come into relation with themselves.” Cheryl S. from Arizona

    “This was extremely helpful. I feel that I have gotten the tools & methods I need at this time to continue my healing process & my Reiki journey. (Need to practice a lot!) I would recommend this workshop to those who also want to deepen their practice & feel a desire to send healing energy to their spirit family & community, which is why I took this workshop. I hope to use what I have learned to advance the uplifting of those I am meant to help & serve.” Laurel from Port Angeles, WA

    “This workshop is amazing. I loved being able to explore and practice the nuts and bolts of long distance healing in a safe gathering among people I love and feel comfortable with.  My favorite was learning to do healing on myself by bringing in myself as a holographic body. It was very freeing and enables me to reach all parts of my body easily.   This workshop is deeply healing – a good opportunity for inner work that I usually would want to put off. I love hearing everyone’s experiences during sharing.” Margaret from Sequim

    “A fantastic opportunity to go deeper. Long distance healing as an opportunity to fill in the space between stimulus and response with prayer and intention.  It will bring health and healing between me and my higher self.” Dianne from Sequim, WA

    “I had wonderful experiences each time I did the exercises. I learned how to use the symbols and help me send them to myself and others. I loved the inner child experience, I had never explored that area of my being.  Anyone who loves Reiki would really love the experiences from this workshop.”  Sharon S. from Sequim, WA

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    A Reiki Attunement Welcome Back!

    By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


    I like to put the fun picture first because we really do have so much fun in these classes and it shows here.

    I am so proud to announce another amazing Reiki class with seven incredible ladies who truly give me a great deal of hope for the future of our world.  Every time I teach Reiki, I just KNOW we are going to spiritually evolve and change our world for the better.  I know we can, I know we are going to do it.

    Sharon practicing on Pookie as a surrogate for long distance Reiki.

    Each person who takes a Reiki class learns that we are all connected.  When we know and FEEL through energy that we are all connected and we see how spiritual Divine healing energy helps everyone.  We can’t help but want to do better.  We can’t help but want to eat healthier and take better care of our planet.  Reiki is hope for me!! And each of my students as well gives me hope because each one is going to go out into that world and plant Reiki seeds of hope.  It gives me goose tingles every time I think about it.  So cool.


    Oh, and YES, I was able to Set Sacred Space for the class AND do three of seven Reiki attunements for students.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! YES, REIKI IS AWESOME!!!

    After a year of healing myself and having to start from scratch for many things that used to just come naturally to me, like Reiki, I am once again able to attune my students to Reiki.  Incredibly empowering to me and praying, to them as well.  THIS IS MY SOUL PURPOSE.  I AM A REIKI TEACHER.

    April and Gloria practicing long distance Reiki in different ways.  There are many ways to send Reiki long distance.

    Thank you ALL for your patience.  I am healing and will be fully up and running when I am supposed to be.  In the meantime, while I and my Reiki Students help to heal me, my Reiki Master/Teacher Students, Ellen and Amber are keeping my Reiki business going.  We are open for business for all long distance healing and some in person too.  Call or email to book a session of Negative Energy Clearing, Psychic Reiki, Long Distance Reiki, Spirit Guide Readings, Past Life Readings or Healings and much much more.  This is what we love to do!!  This is our passion.


    Josslyn, Ellen and Amber


    CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!! From L to R, Kat Reiki II, Ellen Master/Teacher, Gloria Reiki II, Joss Master/Teacher, Vicky Reiki II, April Reiki II, Bren Reiki II, Sharon Reiki II, Rosemary Reiki II and photographer Amber Master/Teacher
    Vicky drawing her new Reiki II Symbols in her hands before starting Reiki on surrogate bear, Itchy.  Itchy was my first Reiki practice bear, he’s very experienced at Reiki and is a great teacher.
    Bren doing long distance on a holographic image of her person and Rosemary working on Jessie as a surrogate.  Everyone just loves working on those stuffed animals.  It works and it’s fun.


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    A Momentous Return to Reiki and My Natural State of Being

    By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

    After more than a year of not being able to channel Reiki myself because of the injuries from the car accident last year, TODAY I RETURNED TO MY NATURAL STATE OF BEING.  I DID A FULL REIKI SESSION!!!!!

    My guides delivered me the most beautiful, powerful, flexible and experienced psychic energy healer for a first time client.  I explained my situation, that I was still grieving, healing myself for the last year from the accident and that I had not been able to channel Reiki since then.  But, my guides told me I was almost ready.  They didn’t tell me I WAS READY.  But I was.

    I knew they had sent her for a reason.  One of my healing partners/students Amber was right there with me doing the Reiki Psychic Healing so I knew the client would get exactly what she needed through her.  I was just bonus.  Today, I felt my full Reiki power and my client said she did too.  It didn’t feel like just a bonus to me, it felt like a full Reiki session just as if I was there myself.  It was just more exciting to share it with Amber and my new client.

    Since the accident that took the lives of my husband and 16-year-old son, I was in bed and cared for around the clock for five months.  Then the long start of Physical Therapy started and strengthening exercises (ongoing) started.  The whole time, my dedicated Reiki Students have been coming to my house to do in person Reiki on me every week, twice of week for the first six months.

    My guides, in the hospital,  had wrapped me in a cocoon of protective energy but it also blocked my ability to run and feel energy.  Frustrating to say the least to an energy healer.  But, I also trusted my guides and knew they were protecting me and allowing me time and space to heal.  Gratitude flowed through me hourly as I knew so many people and energy beings of Love and Light were working together to heal me and my younger son for the last year plus.  Reiki and all my Reiki people and Reiki guides healed me.  The cocoon is transforming allowing more and more of my gifts to arise again, allowing me to see, feel and experience my gifts one by one, once again.

    My Reiki Muscles are sore, but it feels great.  It feels normal and nothing has felt normal (other than teaching Reiki) for the last year.  So, normal in this way, is very nice.

    I’m going to take it slow because I’m the tortoise,  I don’t give up and I always get there, in Divine time.  But, I’m now confident that I’ll be a healer again soon, as I stick my toe into each and every ability again, testing the psychic waters.  This is so exciting.  I feel like a kid again.  This is better than Christmas.

    Thank you for all who are celebrating with me and THANK YOU for so many of you sending prayers for us, Reiki, and loving thoughts.  YOU and REIKI have lifted me up, kept me going, healed me and loved me when I didn’t feel loved.  THANK YOU.

    Day by day, I step into my power.