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Seven New Reiki Master/Teachers in 2020!!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center, but not the only one……


Last year my Divine Guidance told me to teach a Reiki Master/Teacher class.  “More LIGHT is needed in the world” I was told.  A whole magnificent team of Reiki Teachers is needed!!  I knew I had a couple who were interested and it was on my radar.  I slotted it for June 2020.  But, then 2020 came in full force and all classes got delayed.  By September, 7 Reiki Masters were ready to take the class and 7 have now graduated.

These 7 Reiki Masters have gone the whole distance with me as their Reiki Sensei.  I know each of them well.  Some of them I have known and been working with for almost ten years and even their families.  This makes Reiki Master/Teacher class even more valuable for me to teach because I have gotten very close to my students and value them a great deal.  I know they are truly amazing healers with the highest ethics and the biggest most loving hearts.

Congratulations to our seven new Reiki Teachers!!! Deborah, Cheryl, Susan, Molly, Steph, Bren and Michelle!! Sensei Josslyn Streett and Sensei Margaret Fivash presiding.

This class is special also because many of them are going to be working with Rain Shadow Reiki as teachers and healers.  Some are already working with us now, (Bren, Susan and Molly).  (Divine Guidance told me so and they have not been wrong on my current healers so I know, they know.)  Susan, Molly and Steph are already working with us and more maybe coming later.  It’s so exciting.  

Teaching classes on Zoom has it’s challenges for sure, but it has opened everyone up to being ready, willing and able to take classes on Zoom much more easily.  My students and clients from all over the county have been finding our Zoom events and tuning in regularly.  It’s very exciting to see our Reiki Soul Group grow so quickly.  I have taught on Join Me for a long time, but not so many people were so excited to do it, as they are now.  Please check out our Reiki Classes, Psychic reading events, Reiki Q&A and Rain Shadow Reiki Psychic Classes and Healers Circle if you are interested in this kind of fun stuff.  We have these events every month and they are FUN FUN FUN!!!

So, please help me CONGRATULATE our seven new REIKI MASTER/TEACHERS through Rain Shadow Reiki!



More pictures below…..

There are a few challenges with teaching Reiki online. One of the biggest is the practice Reiki session that we do in every class. Usually this is no big deal, they can have a friend or family member be their client. But, during quarantine, many people live alone and therefore do not have people over. Then we make due with ‘surrogate clients’. Surrogate stuffed animals work well, or even pillows made to look like a person. As long as we have an imagination to ‘pretend’ our friend is on the table, then their energy is there and they are getting a Reiki treatment and the student is practicing Reiki and visualization and creative skills all at the same time. It’s really beautiful to see Deborah giving Reiki to her big bear and holding his/her paw just as lovingly as others hold the hand of their family members. Reiki is ALL KINDS OF BEAUTIFUL!!

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