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Our Pets Want Reiki Healing TOO!

Rain Shadow Reiki Energy Healing Center in Sequim, WA

This month we are offering pet Reiki Attunements AND Negative Energy Clearings together as a package deal.


We ran a special on pet attunements in January.  When we communicated psychically with the pets to ask what level of Reiki Attunement they wanted, some of them said they wanted a clearing first.  

We listened and told their parents.  Their parents listened and after their clearings, then they were ready for their attunements.  Last blog we wrote about the benefits of having your pet attuned to Reiki.  Many of our clients emailed us and we got to attune cats, dogs, horses and we’ve even attuned chickens.  So Amazing!! Some of them had clearings/healings too.

Here is one of our client’s stories about her dog Cala who told us she needed to be cleared of negative energies/entities before her Reiki Attunement.  Now she is attuned to Reiki and much happier.  Thanks Jo for writing to us to share.

February Special-  Pet Clearings and Reiki Attunements are on special for $90 for both.  Email us with your pets photo with only them in the photo, their age or birthday if you know it and their full name.  Your pet chooses which level of Reiki they want to be attuned to.  Last month we have pets choose every single level of Reiki.  So much fun and so healing.  Our pets LOVE REIKI TOO!!


Josslyn, Ellen, Amber, Bren & Susan, Rain Shadow Reiki Healers

Read on…..

“My dog, Cala, was suddenly not doing well this last January.  She had a seizure in December but seemed to bounce back after a few days and back to her happy self. A few weeks later I noticed that her tail was not lifted up and her head was down when she walked.  It seemed an effort for her to lift her head to look at me.  My first thought was that she was getting ready to transition and her body was just getting tired.  I figured the seizure took more out of her than I suspected. 

When Rain Shadow Reiki announced a special on Pet Attunements to Reiki, I thought that would be perfect for Cala.  She could ease her own pain and discomfort by using Reiki as a healing tool for herself.  I signed up for the Pet Attunement and the response I received from the Healer was that Cala needed a Negative Energy Clearing more than anything.  I paid for a Pet NEC and when I received the response there was an immediate change in Cala.  

I got home from work that day and she met me at the door, tail up and wagging, head held high with a crooked smile!  She was so happy!  I couldn’t believe the change in her.  She had had entities in her body and aura; some dark, some not dark, along with other stuff that needed to be cleared.  I am so thankful Cala’s Soul answered the Healer and told her exactly what she needed.  Now I’m going to see if she is ready for a Reiki Pet Attunement!  I bet she is!

Thank you Rain Shadow Reiki!

Jo Owens

Sequim, WA


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