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Reiki for Grieving-1

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

For those who are just reading, months ago, July 20th, 2017, my life changed drastically.  On vacation, heading to a family reunion in Colorado, a car driving way too fast, quite erratic and uninsured hit us head on.  He killed my husband and my 16 year old son and badly injuring my 14 year old son and myself.  It has been a challenging time to say the least.

But, this is a blog about Reiki and how Reiki can help us through any difficulty in our lives, healing us through the good and the bad, even the unimaginable.

Life on earth is unpredictable.  We literally do not know what tomorrow brings.  But, I know that Reiki brings my connection to Creator.  We as humans need this connection more than ever.  People are feeling disconnected.  People are feeling that the spiritual practice they’ve been doing has not been getting them the connection they need, they are seeking some other way.  I was a seeker and I found my connection to the God of my heart, through Reiki.

Reiki brought that tangible connection to me and I’m more grateful now then I’ve ever been.  I can’t promise I’ll be writing consistently since I’m still in deep grieving.  What I will promise is that if I feel Divine poking and prodding to write a blog, I’ll write a blog.  I’ll write if I feel it’s important and I won’t waste your time or mine.  I’ll probably be writing about grieving a lot, but Reiki for grieving is Reiki for life and you can translate much of these experiences to other situations in life too.  It’s all good.


The first aspect I want to talk about, and maybe quite possibly the most important one….

Reiki brings the most amazing people into ones life –

I’ve been teaching Reiki in Sequim for nine years.  When the crash happened my Reiki students rallied.  They flew to Colorado to take care of me in the hospital, taking turns for more than a month.  They volunteered to stay with me and care-give for me 24 hours a day for four months and after during the day.  They have brought me food, cards, tissues, crystals and other things from their hearts.  They have donated money to a fund for my family (Sawyer and I) to help pay the bills we cannot pay at this time. They have driven me and Sawyer to countless doctors appointments since I couldn’t drive for ten months after the accident and they even came over to pick up our dog, Mandy’s poop in the backyard.  Like I said, AMAZING!

As well, they’ve spent endless hours listening to me talk about, cry and grieve for my family.  Fifteen months later at this writing, they still sit and listen and hold space for me to grieve as I need to.



Josslyn Streett, Proud to be a Reiki Master/Teacher in Sequim, WA 

15 thoughts on “Reiki for Grieving-1

  1. Beautifully said and perfectly expressed….thank you!

    1. Thank you Gloria, Grateful for you, Josslyn

  2. How do you always know what I need to see?

    So grateful for you! Live and light Kat

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    1. LOL, maybe I’m psychic?!! LOL, or, maybe we are connected by energy and love!! Grateful for you Kat!! Thank you for commenting and showing up. I’m so grateful to know you. L & L, Josslyn

  3. ❤❤❤

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    1. Thank you Brenda!!

  4. Thank you…. I too love reiki . It stands before me , behind me and on the sidelines … like an old friend , that one who no matter how much time passes … you pick up exactly where you left off . Ps I love love love , your blog 🐣

    1. Thank you Mary Allison Munoz, you touch me deeply, I’m so grateful for your loving words especially at this time. It’s been hard for me to write since losing my dad and now my husband and son and Reiki people like you remind me that I have something to share and to keep going. I’m not a natural blogger, but write when I’m inspired and I pray it comes to the people who it is meant to be with. Thank you so much, Grateful, Blessings, Josslyn

  5. Do you believe that our loved one’s spirit is still with us. Can they see and hear us? I am so desperate to know. Thank you. Mimi

    1. Blessings to you Mimi for reading, writing and sharing your questions with us. This is my opinion from my personal experience, but Yes, I fully believe our loved ones spirit is still with us. My husband and my son make themselves known quite often with my students, clients and caregivers. Even my students who do not yet know they are aware of spirits feel my boys when others feel them and then sometimes no one feels them but me, or they don’t mention it. I ask for signs quite often from my husband to help me make big decisions and he follows through every time. My husband comes to me in dreams regularly to help me feel connected and help me know what is important. This started happening as soon as I got home from the hospital and was off the pain medication. I do not believe this is my imagination but real because I trust my abilities, but also because my husband’s spirit is so good about going to multiple people and telling them the same thing, so that they come back to me, give me the message without knowing I had had one too and CONFIRM what he had told me previously. This has happened many times through the last year and a half. Yes, I fully believe they are with us.
      However, when we are in deep grieving it is very hard to be aware of them. We need to give ourselves the time and space to grieve, to feel the emotions and then to ask our Higher Power of Love and Light to heal us. This is my process. I’ll write a blog about it later, but I’ll give it to you now.
      Ask the Higher Power of your heart to: 1. Witness the pain. 2. Feel the pain. 3. Take the pain. 4. Fill us up with Reiki/Love and Light from Divine Source. Allow yourself to grieve in your way while you do this. Each time you will feel lighter and lighter because Divine or Reiki is actually taking the old/lower vibrating emotion and raising it with the Reiki/Divine love.
      There are many times still, I’m writing this at 16 months to the day after the crash, that I am so distraught with grief that I’m not able to get messages from them, and then there are times of great clarity. The emotions cycle through. Be in the flow and allow them to while asking for help from Reiki/Divine Source.
      I have a lot of help. I get a whole lot of Reiki from my students to help lift up my vibration and my soul and I do Reiki on myself daily for the same reason. I am functioning and able to feel, talk to, get signs from my loved ones because of the Reiki healing.
      My experienced professional mediumship friends have told me to give our loved ones a minimum of a year to go through their healing process before we attempt to contact them. But, my husband and son were active with my caregivers and friends who could hear/see/or feel them immediately in the hospital. I believe the healing time is more for us on Earth, not them. But, that has been my experience.
      If you would like help with your healing process I can put you in my Reiki box and send Reiki to you for the next few months to help life you up. Or I teach online Reiki classes from time to time, just got done with one so it will be more early next year, but I can put you on a list for one of those. Reiki has been irreplaceable to me during this process. I don’t believe I would be walking, talking and teaching if it weren’t for Reiki and all the students who have volunteered to work on me in person and long distance. Reiki and my Reiki friends have gotten me through this so far in so many ways.
      Grateful for your heartfelt question, I pray this helps in some way to lift you up. I will continue writing about my grieving process when I’m able to, sometimes the words just don’t flow and other times they flow abundantly. I go with the flow.
      Love and Light to you, Mimi

  6. Well spoken, Jocelyn, as usual!

    1. Oops! That was supposed to be “Josslyn”.

      1. LOL, spell it either way, it’s all good. Thank you Gloria. So grateful you are reading and commenting. Grateful for me to know people are reading what I blog. Grateful for you, Josslyn

  7. Thank you Josslyn,for responding to me.You have confirmed what I already know in my heart. My husband of 53 years passed 1 year and 9 months ago. I have received little miracles connected to him several times.Each time is a renewal of my failing faith. Reike has been suggested to me for healing. I will keep you posted as to what I decide. Than you again for understanding and kind words. Mimi

    1. I am grateful Mimi for telling me. Yes, we usually know in our hearts what is right for us, but it takes sometimes a confirmation for us to totally trust it. Little miracles are pretty big when we think about how pretty darn difficult it is for them to get through to us when we are grieving and not very good receivers. I’m glad you are able to see the miracles and know he’s still with you. Yes, please keep in touch. Blessings, Josslyn

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