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Q&A – How do I Control the Reiki

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Your questions are amazing and help me to know what is on your minds, what is important to you.  So, when appropriate, I like to share them.  This one came in recently.  Thank you Jacob.  Blessings to you.



I’m an aspiring reiki and elemental practitioner who stumbled upon your website in search of how to use my energy to charge my phone.

How can I control reiki output, feel it, channel it, not waste any of the energy etc?

How may I use my energy to charge my phone?

I think I tried to focus my energy into the battery but the battery seemed to have went down.

Teacher, do you have any advice?

Thank you,
Jacob G.


Hi Jacob,

I have been very successful with charging camera batteries with Reiki, but not so great with phone batteries.  Yet.  Camera batters are of an easy kind to be charged with Reiki.  The larger the battery and depending on the kind of battery and how it’s effected by Divine energy, the more Reiki/intention it may take.  Try bringing the battery in long distance and charging it that way.  This makes the battery more malleable and able to be recreated with Divine Energy. See how that works.  Let me know.  I haven’t spent much time on this for a while, so it might be something to revisit.
Other Tips-
*I would listen to guidance if it’s important enough, Reiki will tell you HOW to do it.  Don’t try so hard, that tends to block us.  Just ask and then do the Reiki and see how it works.
*There is no wasting of Reiki as Reiki is infinite.  If we are not using all the Reiki we are running, it will go to our dog laying next to us, to another person in our lives who we care about or to someone we saw on FB who needs it.  Reiki knows where it is needed and working with us as the channel is happy to go to others who need it. Reiki is never wasted or misused.  (Reiki going to others in this way, without our knowledge does not require asking for permission.  This healing is happening because the person/pet prayed/asked for healing and Divine is answering the call through our channel.)
*We do not control Reiki, the Reiki comes from our Divine Creator, it knows what to do, where to go and how much is needed.  We only channel the Reiki and let go.  Allow and surrender.  If this is hard for you Reiki your ego to help you surrender to Divine.
*The more we try to control, again, the more we block the amount of Reiki we are channeling to ourselves and others.  The more we let go and let Reiki handle the flow, the more flow we will have.
Reiki is a lesson in letting go and allowing Divine to work beautifully and magically in our lives.
So, the output, input, wasting all that, not up to us.  Up to the Reiki itself.
Hope that helps,
Blessings on your path with Reiki, it’s a truly beautiful one,

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