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My Miracle Healing of Lyme in 2016

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Josslyn’s Miracle to heal Lyme Disease
March 15, 2017
This is my testimonial as to how QRI laser and reflex integration program killed my Lyme, Epstein Barr and much much more.  I wrote this for the people who have helped me at QRI but decided it was a good time to reveal the healing process I’ve been involved with the past year.  AT the end, I explain how it can help my long distance clients as well.
My name is Josslyn. I am an energy healer, wife, mom, and teacher from Washington State. I started learning energy healing about twenty years ago when my medical doctor told me I was treatment resistant for depression and there was nothing he could do for me. I turned to alternative healing and found help. I have used everything I have learned to help myself, to also help heal my clients. I have a history of chronic illness, since getting the Epstein Barr virus at the age of 13, depression since teen years and a lifetime of hormonal imbalance around the same time, Hashimoto’s Disease about ten years ago and then, about six and a half years ago, Lyme Disease.
Sitting on my uncle’s deck in Oregon at the end of summer vacation our family was getting ready to say it’s good-byes. There was a mosquito buzzing around. I remember because when it bit me on my hip in between where my shirt and pants didn’t quite meet up, it hurt worse than a bee sting. I knew right away there was something different about that bite. When I went home that day, I noticed a big red bulge in that area and it hurt very badly. I made an appointment with my Naturopathic Doctor at the time. She treated me for West Nile Virus and called it good. The area got slightly better but I noticed it created a hard small ball in that area which stayed for a couple of years. It was always a bit sore to the touch but I didn’t think much of it until it broke open one year and I started having other symptoms.
It started with severe neck pain. I got a new pillow. Had my dentist check my mouth guard. Went to the chiropractor regularly all for this neck pain. The neck pain turned into a burning brain pain at the base of where my neck meets my head. I had a new Naturopathic Doctor at this time and when I told her my story about the brain pain, I kept rattling on and somehow out of the story I told, she intuitively thought to test me for Lyme Disease.
Me working with the QRI lasers on a client.

The pain continued to get worse until we got the results from the tests. Sure enough, I had Lyme Disease. She started me on antibiotics for about three months. I also was put on a Rife Machine for five months but got too much of this and my body wanted to be taken off of it. Plus it was very expensive monthly.

The brain pain went away within a month of starting the antibiotics. Unfortunately, the antibiotics also gave me extreme gut issues for another 8 months after taking them. So bad in fact that I decided I would find a way to do it natural from here on out if at all possible.
My doctor had me on Teasel Root tincture, plus other natural medicines for my gut and immune system and I did ok on this for a few years.
I have had Epstein Barr since the age of 13 and it was currently active, I also have Hashimoto’s Disease and some other chronic illness as well that affects my physical body a great deal. Chronic illness, unfortunately, has been a way of life for me most of my life. I also suffered from depression and PTSD much of my life as well from childhood trauma and I believe the whole conglomeration of physical illness I have.
My ND seemed to have it under control with supplements and diet and I felt we were doing the best we could, considering how much I had going on. The Lyme increased the fatigue and depression quite a bit but that came and went and was doable until we found something better to kill it. I was concerned about going back on the Rife, one for the cost, which we did not have, but two because it just didn’t feel right if I could get too much of something to the point where it would not be healthy for me. So we kept going with what we were doing.
In September of 2015 my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Three months later he was gone. It was fast and furious and that was his way. Better for him and everyone. I held it together to help my mom and sister put on a celebration of life for him then flew home. I started getting an ear infection right away and battled with this for months. After being sick and not being able to enjoy our Christmas Holidays with my family I was completely exhausted and worn out January of 2016. I was sick, in pain, fatigued more than ever and extremely fearful of where my life could or could not go with so much sickness in my body. I prayed and prayed to God for a healing miracle. I felt I had a lot to do in this life and I knew I couldn’t do it with this sick body. I told God I was ready to be fully healed. I was ready for God’s miracle. I believed in miracles for my clients, it was time for me to believe in a miracle –for me.

Then it started again. The brain pain. It came on faster this time, more furious and more painful. It was too much. It triggered fear like nothing else had. I sat and cried and cried and didn’t know what to do. My husband and kids were not home. God put my neighbor Penny in my head and the image wouldn’t go away. Stubborn as I am, I finally called her. (asking for help is another thing I’m healing) I told her I was in so much pain and was afraid. I didn’t know what to do.

My husband receiving a double laser treatment once Penny and I both had lasers.  He also has the helmet on which has infared and other healing LED lights in it plus it had sound healing frequencies for calming and the brain.  It feels so good just to have it on.
Penny has been my neighbor and dear friend for 8 years. Before the Lyme, we used to walk together every day after putting out kids on the bus. That had stopped since I got too sick to exercise with the Lyme. We had lost touch a bit as I was focused on my healing and she was focused on helping her adopted girls heal. She had been telling me about the lasers she had been working with but we had never gotten our timing together for her to work on me with them. Just at the time I started praying diligently, we had run into each other and she told me she had just finished her third class with the lasers and needed people to practice on. I said I’d be happy to if we could figure out the timing. Well, God figured it out for us. Time is NOW.
Penny showed up minutes later with lasers in hand and placed them on my body. I had no idea what they were, what they did or how they worked to help, but the first thing I remember thinking and saying was while holding the Spiro LED, “I love this! I love it!” Instinctively I knew somehow it would help me feel better.
Penny put her lasers on my body for three hours until the fear AND the pain was gone.
The next day she did the same thing for about three hours and the next day and the next. By day four she was starting to do ‘full treatments’ on me for reflex integration with the lasers and the Spiro. I didn’t know what that meant but I was in no place to stop her from doing anything that was helping me. I just laid there and let her put her magical lights on me while I prayed some more. Both were helping, so I’d keep it up.
It was around day four that the pain actually started getting worse, unbearable. The pain moved into my whole right side paralyzing my right arm in such pain I couldn’t move it, couldn’t drive, couldn’t function. The pain started moving down my right leg, making it hard to walk. But that’s as far as it got.
During the most painful days, I would shrivel into a fetal position and go deep into meditation for four or five hours on end, until the pain got better. It was the worst pain I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve been through natural childbirth, twice.
Penny said she thought that the pain getting worse was a good sign. Luckily, I had just recently again read about ‘die off’ with Lyme and how it makes the symptoms worse before getting better.
As the Lyme bacteria dies off, it spews out toxins that cause MORE pain, MORE symptoms and MORE suffering. We both saw this as a GOOD THING! To us, it meant we were KILLING IT! That was HUGE. To be able to kill the bacteria without harmful medications or treatments was huge! We felt it deep inside of us, we were killing it!!
(Research on You Tube, Rife Sound Frequencies.  Here are a couple of links to start with. &
I knew it was a good thing so we decided to continue. I felt like we could win this battle. It gave me great hope. Every time the pain got that bad, I focused on the fact that it was so bad because we were killing it, and it wasn’t winning. I just knew that in my heart, it wasn’t going to win this time.
Every day for one month, Penny came to my house and did a full QRI Reflex Integration treatment on me while I laid there in extreme pain; head up, helmet on, helmet off, head up, head down. That’s what I remember because my neck still hurt so much. To move it at all was unbearable. But, every third day or so, I’d have a day almost free of pain. It would give me hope. I’d know the sessions were helping. By the end of one month I was about 90% pain-free. By the end of two months, 100% pain free.
12 months later and at least 5 to 7 sessions per week, I’m still pain-free and now have worked on killing the Epstein Barr Virus as well as the Lyme and now working on deeper infections that have been hidden in my body for years. I know this because I feel it, not because I have any medical proof. The medical proof to me is that I am pain free. I have more energy in the last 8 months than I have had in a lifetime of active chronic illness and I feel great overall. I know my body with help from the lasers and the CMT (sound frequency generator), is still fighting other fights, right now I’m killing off flu virus but that too will get kicked out. It’s just a matter of time.
Penny, my hero, working with QRI Lasers and reflex integration with one of our clients who has dyslexia. She is reading better and her math is easier now too.  Reflex integration helps Autisim symptoms, Dyslexia, OCD, PTSD, Anxiety, depression, speech and learning disorders and so so much more.

I bought a laser of my own after the first month, knowing I’d have to keep this process up with my families help, maybe forever. My genes show that my liver isn’t quite up to snuff and neither is my immune system. Most likely why my body has so many chronic illnesses to begin with. But, knowing the lasers can help is a great relief.

Everyone’s body and illness is different. This was my situation and the QRI lasers helped me. The gave me my life back. Now it’s time for me to help others and that is exactly what I am doing, every day.
Also, within the month, the fear I had been feeling was gone. My FPR (Fear Paralysis Reflex) went from a four to a 1 in two months and now is integrated. I don’t feel the daily anxiety and fear that I have for most of my life. Other issues have gotten better as well, I’m no longer flat-footed thanks to Babinski improving, my cognition is getting better and the more we kill the fungal infections the better it gets along with my memory and the fatigue. The depression has been better instead giving me a great deal of hope and uplifting feelings that I can and will heal at the core.

True healing takes time and effort and I’m willing to do that, thank God, so is Penny and my family. But, these lasers to me, truly are my miracle. Not only that, but as a healer myself, I can also work with them to help others. That is the true miracle.

Me happy because I feel so much better.  I’m getting my life back and helping other people get their lives back too.  Blessings to you all, there is hope, there is possibility, open up your belief to it, ask your God and then listen.  And, DO DO DO what feels right and makes sense too.  Love and Light to you all, Joss
Even more miracles started happening when Penny and I combined the lasers with Reiki.  We are now able to send the laser light and sound through Reiki to as many people as we want and they are healing too.  The miracles are abound.  They just keep on coming.
Thank you Bonnie, Jamie, Paul and Michael. So grateful for you all and what you have created here. Blessings to you all. I pray my situation helps others to have the courage to heal themselves too, in their way.
Josslyn Streett, Energy Healer, mom, miracle believer from Washington State

12 thoughts on “My Miracle Healing of Lyme in 2016

  1. Josslyn,
    Sending you healing blessings and love. What a healing journey you are on my dear. Thank you for sharing.
    Michele 💗

    1. Thank you Michele, yes it’s been quite the ride. I’m thrilled to see where it goes each and every day. Blessings, Josslyn

  2. Great post my friend – so happy you have all this joy and energy!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thanks beautiful GG. Love you. J

  3. Beautiful smile!! Thank you for your post! It helps us understand what our love ones with Lyme cannot tell us. Your post gives us hope!

    1. Thank you Michelle, yes there are so many suffering with Lyme and many cannot speak or explain the pain and symptoms it causes. Grateful to help in any way. It took me a long time to be able to write this, I’m not great at writing openly about my own stuff, but this year has been such an extreme healing process, it just took some time for me to get here. All in Divine time for sure. Praying for all those who have Lyme and need help, Blessings, Josslyn

  4. Hi Josslyn, my name is Savannah I am following a similar journey and I don’t live that far from you. I have some questions I didn’t know who to talk to. But if you have some extra time could you help me out? In just starting out but also feel like this is what I am supposed to do and have been led by the divine.

    1. Hi Savannah, just email me sometime or call. If you are dealing with Lyme I’ll do what I can to help. I am always willing to do a twenty minute consult for anyone wanting to decide if they are going to come to me for sessions too if you want to do that. Either way. Blessings,Josslyn or 360-460-7829

  5. Thank you for a lovely story. Miracles do happen. 🤠

    1. Thank you Sami for reading and commenting. Yes, I do believe in miracles. Sometimes with a lot of Divine and human help. QRI has both with the machines they make and I’m grateful to my guides to getting me messages to get me to them. If we open up to Divine and healing miracles, they do happen. Blessings, Josslyn

  6. Hi, Katie here. Thank you for sharing you story. I have shared my story recently here….I am unclear whether you can offer the QIR remotely. do you offer a consult?

    1. Hi Katie, Yes we were doing the QRI remotely, but it takes much intention on all parts. Participating and communication is key when doing it remotely. But, I’m sorry to say, my family was in a very bad car crash in July 2017 and since then I have not physically been able to do the reflex integration and have been mostly healing myself and my son. My husband and oldest son died in the crash so we are healing ourselves on all levels. I am hoping to start up the lasers again and hopefully my ‘laser ninjas’ will want to help, but we have not gotten to it yet. Yes, I am happy to teach parents with the help of the QRI videos. I am also willing to talk on a 20 minute consult for free.Our phone number is 360-460-7829 and our email is if you would like to contact us. I have much information and many friends with even more information about healing from Lyme. I look forward to connecting and helping any way I can. Blessings, Josslyn

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