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My New Page for Ignite the Light Clearings

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

People are often asking me what healing they should do first.  Well folks, it’s not pretty, but it’s necessary.  Here it is, this is what I recommend as FIRST LINE for energy healing.  Negative Energies in you can block  60% or more of the Reiki and other Love and Light healing.  Not worth it, wondering why you are working so hard and your Reiki isn’t ‘working?’ It might be this… on……..

(Testimonials of this work at the bottom of the page)

What Do I Heal First?

Many clients email or call me for the first time asking what they should do first.  It’s rarely the same answer since everyone is unique and needs to start at a different place, especially with energy, which changes constantly.  But, through my years of doing energy work, I can positively say, starting with a full and complete healing and clearing of negative energies is a very good start for just about anyone.

We All Have Some

Unless you are an enlightened person on this planet, not too many of us are, you have some sort of lower vibrating energies in your body or field and most likely do not know it.  It is so common, everyone has something.  This energy is not ours and some of it is ours from past lives but we are ready to let it go because we’ve healed and grown but the energy stays with us until a qualified energy healers helps us to release it.

Fear Keeps Us in Fear

Many healers do not talk about this energy because they are afraid people will go to a place of fear.  I understand that, it’s a place many of us go to. I have been there plenty myself.

But, I’ve always been the kind of person who felt the more I knew, the more I could deal with what is right in front of me, or behind me.  So, I come from a place of education, knowledge, intuition and empowerment.  Teaching people about these energies helps us to be empowered that we can also do something about it.  Ignorance, to me, has not helped us in the past and it isn’t helping us to heal these energies now.  We must know they exist, know there is help and know how to protect ourselves in the future from them.  That is what I teach, that is why I created this page, to take away the mystery of fear and help us to heal ourselves.

What are Negative and Dark Energies?

Negative Energies, in my definition and what I learned from my teachers and mentors is any energy vibrating at a negative rate of energy, below our own and not typically our own.  We are also dealing with and talking about dark energies, which I believe, originally came from Creator of Love and Light as well, but became dark (we won’t philosophies about how or why here) and is now responsible for many of our lessons about fear, hate, judgement, and anger.

I believe there is purpose to everything.  Our Creator is infinitely intelligent and expansive, understanding way beyond our capacity to comprehend.  The many differences among all energies adds to the availability of lessons and experiences.  There is no good, no evil, simply varying levels of experience.  As long as each being learns from the experiences it encounters, and growth occurs as a result, this is the intention of our Creator of Love and Light and will guide us to move forward in our own expansion as well.

Healing Goal

It is my goal to help others in this process by educating, healing and clearing these energies so each client may move forward on their spiritual path in their own way, time and process.

*Free will is in tact with my process  – I ask each soul what healing they are ready, willing and agree to in the moment

*All life and the Universal Laws are respected

*Divine Love and Light bathe and fill each person after the healing

*Protection is placed around each person’s aura for this lifetime to give added support in this life so no other entities can get in their body.  (More on this later)

Symptoms of Negative/Dark Energies In Your Body or Aura

I’ve done my best to include many symptoms I have seen, I’m sure there are some more.  If you have any illness; physical, emotional, mental or spiritual that cannot be explained by medical science, you may want to consider energy healing.

*History of trauma; physical, emotional, mental or spiritual

*Depression/Suicidal thoughts

*Anxiety/panic attacks

*Emotional ups and downs


*Thoughts not your own/voices telling you to do harmful things to you or others


*Suddenly acting our of character

*Loss of memory

*dissociation or consistently ungrounded

*Repeating negative patterns of behavior

*Feeling drained consistently

*Extreme temperature changes in body or home

*Bad odor in body or home – won’t go away no matter what you do

*Nightmares recurring

*Accidents recurring

*Feeling someone is watching or touching you when you are alone

*Desperate need to check the house or kids multiple times in a night

*Loss of self-confidence that doesn’t ‘add up’

*Addiction of any kind

*Impulse heavier or an attraction to dangerous situations

*Sudden and unexplained illness/pain

*Consistent or Sudden or irrational difficulties with $$ or relationships

*Imagining monsters or frightening shadows

*Ongoing bad luck

*Irrational fear, anger, sorrow, sadness or guilt

*Obsessive thoughts, desire or fetish that won’t go away


Using Reiki and Theta Psychic Healing both, Josslyn does all clearings long distance to anywhere in the world.  She can check each person, land, car, piece of electronics, for a whole list of possible negative energies.

NOTE:Josslyn does not recommend anyone attempting to do this work with out proper training and many years of healing experience.


*Negative Entities – Souls trapped in the body (Lifetime protection will keep these out)
*Hitchhikers/Waywards -Souls attached to your aura
*Dark Entities -Dark Souls intentionally doing you harm, their goal is to slow you down spiritually – Lifetime protection will keep these out of the body, but not your aura
*Possession by DE (Dark Souls attached to your aura, not in the body can also cause symptoms – now crossed to the Light)
*Curses, hexes, any dark magic – from past or current lives
*NTF- Negative Thought Forms–  current/past life-theirs/ancestral/others (Negative strong belief systems that have become ingrained into your consciousness on all levels hindering your spiritual evolution.) 
*Unhealthy Cords/hooks – Unhealthy connections, like an umbilical cord.  Unhealthy energy can be sent through the cord either way effecting both persons negatively. Our agreement unconsciously must be involved for these cords to be attached to you by yourself or others,  current or past life. We all have cords and must raise our vibration and surround our aura with Divine’s love and light to keep from getting any more.
*Vows taken – current/past life, they stay with us keeping us from free will until they are cleared
*Alien interference & Inter-dimensional Beings
Healing done after –
*Josslyn through Divine Creator heals the physical body, chakras and energy bodies as well as the aura when she is done.
*Bathes and filled all wounds with Divine Love and Light
*Lifetime protection – placed around the aura so no more DE’s or NE’s can get into the physical body. (They can still ‘hitch hike’ on the aura so it is up to each person to keep their vibration high and intention of love and light protection so we do not attract these to us. Even just in the aura they can affect us emotionally quite a bit. Email or call me if you feel this is the issue and I can do a quick much less expensive clearing.)
Imprints – Strong emotion, pain and suffering left behind from us or others.  This is energy that is stuck in time and stays in your space until it is cleared.  Josslyn’s healing through Divine is the most thorough way to clear imprints.  After Josslyn cleans your home of these the you can keep it up with salt lamps, intentional prayer, Reiki, crystals, salt/fire but not incense, unless it’s incense with intentional prayer and/or Reiki.
 *Negative Entities – Souls not gone to the light vibrating at a negative rate of energy.
*DE’s, Dark Entities (Dark Souls intentionally wanting to do you harm, not attached to a person, now crossed over to the Light)
*Curses,hexes, dark magic
*Cursed items
*Unhealthy energetic energy underground, in the air and on the land.  All locations are different and have different issues.  I check five different detrimental energies to a location and clear them.
*Entrances into a space-Energetic entrances to a space or land can bring in negative entities and dark entities.  These will keep your space unhealthy until we can clear them all. This can typically be done in one healing but if a location is haunted it may take more.
 *Josslyn checks for any dark energies
 *Divine Love and Light filled the land/car after the clearing is complete

NOTE: If someone is highly sensitive, depressed or ill, they can attract NE’s to their aura quite easily.  They may need to do further healing work with Josslyn to learn how to raise their vibration and expand their aura with love and light.  Taking a Reiki class is recommended but it must be used daily to help.  This is only the NE’s and DE’s in the aura.

Client Testimonials:

“Dear Josslyn,
Thank you for the house, person and car clearing.  I am amazed how it has helped me regain mental peace and a sense of balance.  Previous of clearings, I was having a difficult time understanding my emotions.  Everyday felt like an emotional roller coaster of stress, negativity, depression, panic feelings, irritability, worry, and there was no reasonable explanation for it.
I am so grateful for the many good things I have been blessed with in my life, especially a loving family and friends, so it has been very confusing why I have had these feelings.
Although I have more work and a lot to learn, I feel like I am off to a good start thanks to you Josslyn.
C. Sanders”, Sequim, WA

“I had the most amazing healing from Josslyn Street a couple of weeks ago. its hard to put the experience into words because I’m still realising how the spiritual clearing has helped me and is still saturating my layers as she said, like an onion. I’ve been having an unusually hard time in life. I feel like Im living my truth, but no matter what I do, I keep getting my butt kicked. I felt like I had monkeys on my back that  I just couldn’t shake. It’s great how she has learned to do the healing from afar. Its convenient, quick and private.The processing becomes personal.  I was able to feel the cleanse and removal as she was doing it. The cleanse kinda felt like big globbs of stringy bubblegum were being removed from my aura. I felt lighter as expected, but it was a more clear, shimmery, dimensional lightness not so much weight. The light left me feeling innocent, protected, warm and fuzzy. My senses were heightened, I literally could see and smell better.  Right after the cleanse I could take slow deep breaths. That was very significant for me. It had been a long time. I slept like a baby, dreamless and surrounded by pink light.

     I woke up to a busy day planned but was surprised that I had no dread or anxiety. I felt safe and protected still. All through the day I noticed my confidence had changed. I could read and communicate with people better. I felt the light spreading to others through me. People seemed to be opening to me, sharing themselves. I caught myself singing and smiling! I had the guts to follow through with helping someone who asked me for support, even though I might get energetic backlash from doing the right thing. I feel protected! I know I keep saying that, but I’ve felt vulnerable for a long time and to know that Reiki is constantly surrounding me is just awesome! I feel more connected with spirit. I feel spirit right there communicating with me, showing me the way.  I was too foggy before to see it clearly. I’m motivated to detox and treat my body like a temple.  The next day after this I got three job opportunities! I feel that Im not stuck anymore, that Im moving forward. I am so very blessed to have had the treat of receiving Josslyn’s help. I trust her with everything Im made of. She is the real deal. I cant wait to see what more she learns and were her path takes her on her road of healing. I recommend her to everyone. 

                                                                                      Thank you!” Heidi B. from Port Townsend, WA

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