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New Psychic Services Offered in 2017

Blessings Reiki friends,

Just want you all to know, I am now ‘officially’ doing building/land negative energy clearing as well as the person clearing. I have a new page, Reiki Psychic Healing, that I have created which includes this type of healing- healing of space. You as space, your home as space, your children as space.

My guides have encouraged me to do more of this work of late because there is even more of a need. I have in the past referred most of this work to Margaret McCormick  an ethical and very excellent healer and still recommend her. But, her waiting list is about 6 plus weeks and my guides have taught me some new negative energies that she is not yet clearing.

I will do this work long distance then email exactly what has been cleared.

Each person and place is unique, I work with my guides to be specific to each person/place and make sure the space is clean and clear, safe and sacred when I am done.


It is good to keep up the good vibes in your home/space afterwards by cleansing it with incense, Reiki or salt.  I do this daily in my healing rooms and before and after every class.  But a typical house can be done once a week to feel really good.  Have me cleanse your home once a year to get the big stuff.

I look forward to helping you make sure you live in a space that FEELS of Love and Light,

Over the last ten plus years, I have cleared hundreds of homes, only TWO did not have Negative Entities (ghosts) and those homes still had imprints, negative unhealthy energies running under the homes and EMF’s, etc. All homes, people and spaces NEED CLEARING.

Incense and even a very thorough Reiki on a regular basis does not clear the dark magic stuff or even a lot of the imprints. So, even if you do not feel your house is haunted, there are still very likely silent souls wandering around minding their own business. Especially if you are a spiritual person or a sensitive person, living with these energies is not good for you or them.

Negative energies do not ‘come with the house’ per se; they come with the land, they come with people who come and go to and from your home, they follow you home from places you’ve been and yes, sometimes they come with the house.

This is a continual process to keep your space clean and clear. It is best to have a full clearing done once a year and keep it up with Reiki and incense in between. I teach setting of space in Reiki I.

Initial Land– typical home or office- regular size- $75 (whole property including out buildings done)
Initial Land- larger (Such as a hospital, grocery store, mall, apartment building, etc) Price TBD depending upon how much time it takes. I have had the PA and PT hospitals cleared this summer, plus the Sequim High School, Middle School, and Helen Haller. But they need to be done once a year to be fully clean. If people want to support this process with donations, that is greatly appreciated. I want to work on the Wal-Mart and grocery stores too eventually.)
Repeat land clearing– $35

Adult Person– $175
Child– $150 (Not because it takes less time, but because I so want people to have their children cleared to. I have been doing way too many of these lately.)

When payment is received, I will schedule the clearing then send an email with an accounting of what exactly was cleared. Some examples below.

Mailing address:
To order a house or person clearing just mail me a check or money order or I can do credit cards by phone.  Then supply me with the full address of the land to be cleared.  All out buildings will be cleared as well.

To order a clearing for a person, email me their full name, birthday and a photo helps too.

Rain Shadow Reiki
PO Box 1179
Carlsborg, WA 98324

What do I clear?:

Some of this comes from past lives, some from the current lives, I will determine this.

Negative Entities

Dark Entities (Some call them Demons)
Hitchhikers (NE’s that are not IN the body, but hanging around the aura)
curses/hexes/dark magic
vows– current or past life
blood vows– mostly past life, these vows are stronger because they were actually a vow made from blood
interdimensional beings– beings picked up during astral or inter dimensional travel which most of us do while we sleep.
alien interference- more common than you’d think
aura healed and sealed -holes, cuts and tears- any way into the aura is healed and sealed

and more

For buildings, I clear the entities but also entrances into the building are healed and sealed, each one must be done differently. These are ways into a space that bring in NE’s and DE’s that are very unhealthy.

Energies that conduct unhealthy energy in the ground, in and around your house are cleared. Such as: Vertical Negative Green, Curry & Hartmann Grid Lines, EMF’s, and more.

It is good karma to have NE’s cleared and good for you spiritually. All Negative Energies/Dark Magic slow us down very much spiritually and when they are IN the body they cause long-term health problems. But, it also slows down the entity themselves. They are in a space they are not supposed to be. They are meant to be with Divine in Divine’s Love and Light. Through ThetaHealing, I make sure they go where they are meant to be, with Creator.

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