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First Reiki Circle of 2014

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Our first Reiki circle of the new year was filled with a great deal of Divine Love that we all seemed to feel very tangibly.  After each session that seemed to be the theme that we would talk about, FEELING the LOVE, FEELING the CONNECTION.  It was AWESOME to say the least.

Reiki Circle January 11, 2014, photo by Josslyn Streett, please link if used.
Reiki Circle January 11, 2014, photo by Josslyn Streett, please link if used.

There are so many parts of Reiki circle that I love: being part of a Reiki community, practice, sharing and receiving Reiki from others, which I don’t very often have a chance to do.  But, I feel now, the number one reason I continue doing the Reiki circles is the total connection I feel with the other people during a Reiki healing.  Feeling connected by our heart chakra cords, coming together for a common purpose with such loving intent, consistently gives me hope for our world.  But, it also gives me that reminder that we are not alone, on earth or in heaven.  Divine Source is with us, our guides are with us at all times and other Reiki people and healers all over the world are all together working for a better future for our planet.  We are not alone in this earthly experience and Reiki circle reminds me of that in the most beautiful and profound way.  To FEEL God working within you, that is purpose.

Thank you to the precious souls who participated in last nights circle with us and thank you to everyone who participates in a Reiki circle or share in your community.  If you do not, I highly recommend finding one and making it a regular practice, for you, for everyone.  There is so much love to be shared, lets share it.  JUST DO IT!!

In Love and Light,

Josslyn or 360-460-7829

2 thoughts on “First Reiki Circle of 2014

  1. Found myself there with you in spirit with profound feelings of connection. It felt extraordinary!!

  2. Wow, that is great Pat! So nice to hear that. I was thinking about you when I was talking to the new participants about the evolution of our Reiki circle. You were forefront in my mind about the beginning of our circle and how important these connections have been for me. Huge Blessings to you for being a part of our Reiki community even from afar, your energy is close no matter what.

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